Spectral Armor

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Spectral Armor
Class CP Requires
Doom Howler 30 None
Armor Effect
Slashing 5 Piercing 5 Impact 5
Fire 3 Cold 2 Electric 3
Acid 7 Death 8
Holy 4 Unholy 6 Arcane 3

Spectral Armor grants the character an innate and permanent Armor. It is always active, weightless, cannot decay or be destroyed, and cannot be dropped or given to another character.

Doom Howler Skills

Aether ManipulationArcane Warrior |→ Martial Spellcraft || Elite Attack || Ghost TendrilsSoul Draining || Ghostwalk || Gnashing of TeethDoomblight || Scream of the Banshee (free skill) → Wail of the DeadKeening of the Damned || Spectral ArmorPhasing || Summon Chain GremlinAncient Trickery || Wytchfire