Soul Vampire

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Soul Vampire
Class CP Requires
Defiler 20 None
Soul Vampire
AP MP HP Other
1 5 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Martial 10%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
- - -
  • The Defiler gains a Soul Ice for every 10 damage dealt.

Character gains the "Soul Vampire" innate Charged Attack attack which costs 5 MP to use. On a successful hit, the Defiler gains a Soul Ice for every 10 damage dealt in a single attack. Spells may be used to deliver Soul Vampire attacks. Supplemental Damage does not count toward the requirement of 10 damage.

Charged attacks that do between 5 and 9 damage have a partial chance to generate a Soul Ice, which begins at a 50% success chance for attacks that deal 5 damage and increases by 10% per damage point.

Defiler Skills

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