Sorcerer's Might

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Sorcerer's Might
Class CP Requires
Sorcerer 20 None
Sorcerer's Might
AP MP HP Duration
1 - 6 5 minutes
  • Upon activation, the user gains 5 MP. (Cannot go over maximum.)
  • Characters afflicted by Sorcerer's Might cannot be healed, each point of such healing instead decreases the duration of Sorcerer's Might by 1 minute.

Sorcerer's Might allows the character to spend 1 Action Point and 6 Hit Points in order to gain 5 Magic Points. It is possible for a character to go above their normal Magic Point maximum by using this skill.

Using this skill causes the character to gain the Sorcerer's Might Status Effect. This status effect will last for 5 minutes, with the duration stacking with each use. While in effect the character cannot receive healing; any such healing instead decreases the Sorcerer's Might duration by 1 minute per point of healing. This does not prevent the character from healing herself, thus reducing the status effect. Healing by Pets will be completely blocked while under the effect. Characters with First Aid will be able to view when other characters are under the effect of Sorcerer's Might, and may see how many minutes of the effect remain.

Sorcerer Skills

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