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Tier: 2
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Mortal

A Sorcerer may gain their powers through any number of ways. They may have a natural affinity which is tapped into through training and focus. They may study the Arcane lore left behind by those who understood before them. They might even stumble upon it by accident by exposure to powerful energies that flow through the Nexus. Whatever the means a Sorcerer finds their power from, they have gained it by their own efforts, and without sacrifice or devotion of their soul. Their free will remains untouched. Armed with the freedom of choice, they are neither shunned nor welcomed by the angelic hosts or the demonic horde.

Being a Transcended mortal, a Sorcerer is not limited to any particular Morality. They can be Good, Evil, or Neutral at any time and will never lose their powers because of changes in their Morality.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Alchemy  (This skill is currently bugged) Grants ability to research alchemical compounds and create potions. - 20 -3 -5
Alchemical Transmutation Grants ability to transmute alchemical components into equivalent or lesser rarities. Alchemy 40 -3 -5
Heal Self Triggered. Gains 5 Hit Points - 20 -1 -6
Mystic Vigor Triggered. Regains AP cost and gains 1 additional AP. Heal Self 40 -1 -6
Sorcerer's Might Triggered. Gains 5 Magic Points for 1 Action Point and 6 Hit Points. Gains Sorcerer's Might - 20 -1 -
Spell Combat Passive. Gains +15% chance to hit using ranged spell attacks. - 20 - -
Battle Magic Passive. Gains +15% chance to hit using ranged spell attacks. Spell Combat 40 - -
Spellcraft Passive. Allows player to cast spells from memory. Gains +20% chance to hit using ranged spell attacks, for a total of 45%. - - - -
Deep Spellcraft Passive. Can alter natures of memorized spells. Spellcraft 40 - -
Pattern Weaver Triggered. Writes a new spell into a spellgem. Spellcraft 40 -3 -10