Soldiers of Might

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Soldiers of Might
Class CP Requires
Lightspeaker 60 Summon Judgemaster

Judgemaster pets are improved

  • +10% attack chance
  • +2 dmg
  • +10AP
  • +10MP
  • Secondary damage type becomes impact

Judgemasters summoned by the character gain a +10% to attack chance, a +2 bonus to damage, +10 to action points, +10 to magic points, and their secondary damage type is changed to impact.

Lightspeaker Skills

Keepers Crook || Summon AetherspriteBrothers Bond |→ Heart Light || Summon JudgemasterSoldiers of Endurance |→ Soldiers of Might || Vitality of Justice (free skill) → Summon Wheel of Righteousness || Caretakers BlessingCaretakers Gift || Verdant Sling || Glyph Mastery || Wings