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While the city of Laurentia was famed for the high-end home design favored by its affluent residents, the benefits of the city's wealth - and its standard of home living - were not distributed equally. While ambitious building projects rose in Silver City and Wolverton and elegant older homes stood the test of time in Sunset, the stock of houses and apartments in Sunrise was allowed to crumble with little investment into the district. Sunrise's reuse as a refugee camp in Laurentia's final years only furthered this divide, as more and poorer people were crammed into housing that was already in bad condition. Sunrise's slums have not improved since the city was pulled into the Nexus, but their sprawling squalor is useful as an uncommonly good place to hide.

Slum.gif You are standing outside of Slum. This building is several stories tall and is made of a dirty, natty brick covered in illegible graffiti. Most of the lower windows are broken or boarded up. The area smells faintly of urine.
You are standing inside of Slum. The hallways of this building are filled with trash. Every surface seems to be covered by either graffiti or some sort of unidentifiable stain. Several areas have been scorched.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 10
Hide % 10 50
Allows: Strongholds