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Silver City is a District of the city-state of Laurentia. Found at the heart of the city, Silver City is the oldest District in Laurentia and acts as the city's central business district.

History of Silver City

Silver City was the first of Laurentia's districts to be settled, and dates its founding to 1832, when an expedition of settlers made the first east-to-west crossing of the Altrean Mountains to claim modern-day Laurentia. After wiping out the few natives, the settlers established a town on the banks of the Inner Harbor. The discovery of rich silver veins in the mountains of Windfall Ridge in the same year gave this town a name - Silver City. The flood of prospectors, settlers and accompanying businesses that followed caused the new settlement to grow exponentially in a few short years, even acquiring an agrarian rival (Cimmeria) in 1836 and a suburb (Sunrise) in 1838.

As the largest and most prosperous of the communities of what would become Laurentia, Silver City was a hotbed of political activity and thus was soon host to an ambitious vision to unite the region into a single city. Led by Jacques Moreau, a claimant to the inheritance of Cimmeria, the pro-unification Justice Party advocated for a united Laurentia that would have a place among the greatest cities in the world. The Justice Party argued - and occasionally clashed - with the opposing Freedom Party, which advocated for independence of Laurentian communities from one another and whose most visible icon (if not its leader) was Jacques' half-sister Charlotte Moreau, also a claimant to the inheritance of Cimmeria. In a period from 1858 to 1860, the Justice Party gradually triumphed, beginning with Jacques' successful possession of Cimmeria in 1858, followed by the Justice Party's claim to a majority in the Silver City House of Assembly in 1859 and concluding with the formal union of the communities of Laurentia to form the City of Laurentia on April 10, 1860.

In the late 19th and early 20th Century, Silver City remained the most populous District of Laurentia and the heart of most of its economic activity. The departure of the civic government from the old SCHA meeting house to its new home on King's Island in 1920 did little to hinder the growth of Silver City, whose leaders were - if anything - eager to develop their businesses unhindered by the presence of a government center. Despite economic downturns in the 1960s and 1970s, Silver City experienced dramatic economic growth in the 1990s, particularly through the successes of the Laurentian merchant marine and the resulting expansion of the Port of Laurentia.

By the 21st century, Silver City had become one of Meropis' principal centers of finance, research and corporate governance, and contained the headquarters of many firms with global reach, particularly in electronics and biomedical technology. The Olympic Tower, the jewel in the city's crown, was inaugurated in Silver City in 2006 and was thereafter an icon of Laurentian wealth, technology, ambition and - to some - hubris. The opening of the Olympic Tower also marked the return of some levels of civic governance to Silver City, as the technical experts of the Office of City Administration, a body that grew out of - and soon came to replace - conventional city governance, moved to the top floors of the Olympic Tower.

Tragedy struck Silver City in late 2025, when the Port of Laurentia was bombed in a tragic and unsolved incident that killed thirty dockworkers on a Pier that had been - until that morning - vacant. Shocked by this incident, Laurentians called for greater order and security. In response, the Laurentian Parliament passed the 2026 Citizen Safety and Protection Act, which invested far greater authority over city governance and law enforcement to the Office of City Administration. While the OCA's subsequent widespread actions to enforce order and surveillance throughout Laurentia had many critics (most notably the Blue Rose protest movement), the OCA - and its presence within the Olympic Tower - continued to grow from the passage of the Act until Laurentia's end.

Visiting Silver City

In addition to its ferry terminal, Silver City borders Cimmeria to the west, Wolverton to the south, Sunrise to the east and touches Sunset to the southeast via the renowned nightlife neighborhood of Four Corners.

A vast range of amenities existed to serve the needs and wants of Laurentians who lived and worked in Silver City, many of which are still useful in the Nexus. Characters seeking to provide medical attention can equip themselves at Connolly General Hospital in the center of the District, while healers (and Alchemists can find other medical resources further west in both a Pharmacy and the world-renowned Paragon Store that stands in the shadow of the Olympic Tower. The Newbury Public Library, the pride of the Laurentian public library system, can be found in Silver City, offering its extensive archives to readers. Combatants may find weapons and ammunition at the Laurentia City Police Department headquarters to the east or a Sporting Goods Store to the west.

The far east of Silver City contains part of the sprawling Port of Laurentia, whose Factories and raw materials storage facilities are a valuable asset to Crafters. Those wishing to avail themselves of the finer things in life may find high-culture fashion at the Park Royale Hotel and a wider smattering of taste at the Bare Arms Costume Shop.

The Guild Shrine of the Adamant Kinship can be found outside the Olympic Tower at 20,19. Upon joining the Kinship, characters may also use the elevators within the Olympic Tower, which grant the easiest access to the upper floors of the building.

A portal to Stygia can be found in Silver City within the offices of Devil's Food Development at 18,18.

Silver City is powered by McBee Generating Station, located at 26,15.