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Tier: 2
Morality: Good
Entrance: Mortal


The Shepherd is an angel of mercy, the student of so-called white magic. One becomes a Shepherd by swearing themselves to the powers of Good. They channel holy magic directly from the elder powers whose ideals they uphold, and can use that power to smite Evil, aid others in need, and even consecrate the land itself. While many of the skills a Shepherd uses uplift and heal others, he can also learn spells to aid him in combat and has the ability to call upon the Powers of Justice directly for aid when faced with the merciless forces of evil.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Absolve Suffering Triggered. Removes certain negative status effects - 20 -1 -5
Alchemy  (This skill is currently bugged) Grants ability to research alchemical compounds and create potions. - 20 -3 -5
Alchemical Transmutation Grants ability to transmute alchemical components into equivalent or lesser rarities. Alchemy 40 -3 -5
Energize Triggered. When activated, transfer up to 30 Magic Points to a non-demon target in the same location - 20 -1 -up to 30
Heal Others Triggered. When activated, heals other characters for up to 30 Hit Points, using the same amount of Magic Points in the process. - 20 -1 -30
Hand of Zealotry Passive. Characters no longer have a loss in Morality when attacking neutral characters. - 20 - -
Holier than Thou Passive. Characters no longer have a loss in Morality if the target has a lower Morality than the player's. Hand of Zealotry 20 - -
Spell Combat Passive. Increases ranged spell attack chance by +15% - 20 - -
Battle Magic Passive. Increases ranged spell attack chance by +15% - 40 - -
Prayer Triggered. When activated, the player can gain temporary boosts in various areas. - - -3 -2-7
Devout Supplication Passive. Reduces AP cost of Prayer to 2. Doubles chance of Prayers being Intermediate or Greater answers. Prayer 40 - -
Spellcraft Passive. Allows a player to learn and cast spells from Spellgems. Increases ranged spell attack change by 20, for a total of 45% - 20 - -
Sanctify Spell Triggered. When activated, allows player to change the morality of spells to that of Holy. Spellcraft 40 2 75% of spell
Pattern Weaver Triggered. Writes a new spell into a spellgem. Spellcraft 40 -3 -10