Shadow of the Wolf

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Shadow of the Wolf
Class CP Requires
Revenant 30 None
Shadow of the Wolf
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 15 Minutes
  • Half movement cost
  • Gain Bite that deals 8 points of Piercing damage
  • +5% dodge

A character with this skill is able to activate Shadow of the Wolf at a cost of 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points. When activated, the character gains the Shadow of the Wolf Status Effect for 15 Minutes. It costs an additional 3 MP for every 15 minutes beyond the first.

While in Wolf form, the character:

  • Spends 1 AP per 2 tiles moved (every second move action costs 0 AP)
  • Gains a Bite attack that deals 8 points of Piercing damage and uses the Hand to Hand combat tree
  • Loses access to all other weapons (except Feeding Fangs, if bought)
  • Cannot heal others, make repairs, craft items, interact with doors, nor use their inventory
  • Gains +5% dodge.
  • May devour a Humerus, Femur or Skull as a Food item.

Shadow of the Wolf's Bite attack no longer synergizes with Feeding Fangs's healing effect.

The Revenant can voluntarily shed this form at any time. The Revenant may only have one type of transformation (Bat, Wolf, or Dust) active at one time, and must turn off one form before taking a different form.

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