Shadow of the Dust

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Shadow of the Dust
Class CP Requires
Revenant 30 None
Armor Effect
Slashing 25% Piercing 25% Impact 25%
Fire - Cold - Electric -
Acid - Death -
Holy - Unholy - Arcane -
  • Character loses 10 max HP
  • Character does not leave corpse
  • Can see location of killer

Shadow of the Dust grants the character an innate and permanent Armor. It is always active, weightless, cannot decay or be destroyed, and cannot be dropped or given to another character.

In addition, the Revenant permanently loses 10 maximum Hit Points and no longer leaves a corpse on death.

They also inflict the Hunted by Status Effect on the character that killed them, which allows the Revenant see the location (including plane) of anyone who kills the Revenant for the following 24 hours (in the Eye of Death pane, does not require that skill) or until the Revenant kills the character, whichever comes first.

This status effect is not visible to the afflicted character, but they do receive a notification when it wears off.

Revenant Skills

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