Shadow Dirk

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Shadow Dirk
Class CP Requires
Fallen 60 Shadowskulk
Shadow Dirk
AP MP HP Other
1 - - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Melee 20%
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Unholy 7 -
  • +8 Damage (only when attacking another Character or a Pet) from Hiding, even if detected.

Character gains an innate Sword weapon, the Shadow Dirk. This weapon uses the Melee Combat tree, has an innate +10% attack bonus, and deals 7 Unholy damage. If the character attacks a character or a pet from Hiding, this damage is increased by 8 points, even if they are detected. This is on top of any usual hiding damage bonus, and does not apply to Wards, Doors, or Fortifications.

Fallen Skills

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