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Tier: 3
Morality: Good
Entrance: Paladin



Every Paladin understands that sacrifices must be made for the good of all. There are a devout few who will sacrifice their very flesh and bone so they may better hold back the demonic hordes. In doing so, their soul is transplanted into a fortified body of clockwork design. Surrounded by whirring and ticking machines, a Seraph will stand on the front lines to hold back the weaker forces of evil.

The primary defensive soldiers among the legions of the angels, sometimes referred as "the Shields of Heaven", seraphs are almost organic extensions of the land of paradise itself.

Tasked to protect angels and the innocent against the demonic hordes, seraphs are particularly well-equipped in defense; their sturdy armor and protective abilities make them very resistant to all kind of attacks. Geared mostly for defense they can't deal as much damage as a Divine Herald or even a Holy Champion may, but their Greater Smite and Clockwork Precision abilities make them able to focus and strike down their selected enemy quickly.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Arc Lightning Character gains an Aura that does Level/4 of damage to all close combat attacks. - - - -
Clockwork Cloud Character gains an Aura that does Level/4 of damage to all attacks. Arc Lightning 60 - -
Clockwork Blade Passive. Innate Melee Combat attack that deals 7 electric damage and +5% to hit. Arc Lightning 60 -1 -
Clockwork Fortitude Passive. Character becomes immune to Defile and Minor Poison. Damage due to Agony Cursed is reduced to 1. Arc Lightning 60 - -
Spring of the Enhanced Capacitor Passive. Character gains +10 Hit Points and Magic Points and +2 soak. Upgrades Divine Armor Arc Lightning 60 - -
Enhanced Senses Passive. Automatically detects hidden characters. - 30 - -
Eye of Clockwork Precision Passive. +10% to hit with Melee and Thrown Weapons and +5% to hit with Archery and Hand to Hand attacks. Seraph gains option to deal less damage for more accuracy. - 30 - -
Eye of Deadly Grace Passive. +5% to hit with all attacks. Eye of Clockwork Precision 60 - -
Infinite Attack Passive. Character gains permanent 3 damage bonus to all non-spell attacks Eye of Clockwork Precision 60 - -
Greater Smite Charged Attack. Does +15 holy damage. - 30 -1 -15
Smite of the Resolute Passive. Reduces cost of Greater Smite by 5 MP. When killing a Demon with Greater Smite, Seraph gains Resolved status effect Greater Smite 60 - -
Holy Fortitude Passive. +15 Hit Points - 30 - -
Stance of the Guardian Passive. +1 Soak on all attacks. If Triggered, gains Guardian status effect. - 30 -1 -7
Defender of Justice This skill gives the character +1 soak to Fire, Cold, Acid, Death and Unholy damage. Guardian status effect increased to a duration of 30. Stance of the Guardian 60 - -
Defender of the Innocent This skill gives the character +1 soak to Electric, Acid, Death, Unholy and Arcane damage. If ended early, one negative Status Effect is removed at random. Stance of the Guardian 60 - -
Defender of Truth Passive. Soak from Guardian increased to 4, and MP cost reduced to 5. Stance of the Guardian 60 - -
Wings Triggered. Character can fly and move for half the normal AP cost. - 30 -1 -3
Wing Shards Character gains an innate Thrown Weapons attack that deals 8 Piercing damage. Wings 60 -1 -