Sense Magic

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Sense Magic
Class CP Requires
Mortal 10 None
  • User is able to detect magical objects and locations
  • User is able to determine the number of charges in a spellgem
  • User is able to determine how much magical energy characters have
  • User is able to detect Ley Lines and determine their strength

This skill allows a character to sense certain magical forces within locations, items, or even people. Among other things, this tells the character:

  • Whether or not an item in their inventory is Enchanted, but not the number nor type of enchantments, which requires Enchant Item. Characters without this skill cannot see the enchantments woven into the item.
  • The number and type of any Potions in the character's inventory. Characters without this skill will view potions as sour, green liquids, thin, blue liquids, etc, with no clue as to their effects.
  • The approximate destination (usually) and the cost of a portal. Characters without this skill can choose to step through and hope for the best - finding out the hard way that the portal leads to Stygia or that it drains the character's blood.
  • The number of charges in a Spellgem, but not the name of the spell within (which requires Aether Manipulation or Spellcraft to identify).
  • Whether a Ley Line is present in their current location, and the number of Magic Points that can be drained from that Ley Line.

Characters with Sense Magic can also determine how much magical energy another character has. Next to each name will be a blue status bar. Hovering the mouse cursor over the blue bar will indicate the exact number of Magic Points the character has. As a quick visual guide, if the blue bar is full, the character has their full Magic Point allotment. If the blue bar is slightly depleted near the top, the character has less than full Magic Points but more than half their total allotment. If the blue bar is mostly depleted but has a little fullness near the bottom, the character has less than half their Magic Point allotment, but more than 10 points. If the blue status bar is completely empty, the character has less than 10 Magic Points remaining.

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