Searing River

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The demonic plane of Stygia is divided by fearsome rivers of burning oil. Crossing the river is not advised and will deal 8 points of Fire damage to any being that attempts it unless that being is a Demon (which includes the Fallen) or is using some form of flight. Planar Protection will not provide any protection against this damage, but skills and items that provide Soak or immunity against Fire damage may reduce or eliminate it.

Searing Rivers flow like water, and even demons or beings otherwise immune to Fire can drown if they linger there without the ability to Swim.

SearingRiver.gif You are standing outside of Searing River. A river of boiling oil, emanating oppressive heat. There is a deafening cacophony of bubbling noise and hissing steam coming from the surface.
Searing Rivers have only an outside location.