Seal Magic

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Seal Magic
Class CP Requires
Advocate 60 Enchant Item
Conduit 60 Enchant Item
Dark Oppressor 60 Enchant Item
  • Enchanted Items carried by the character are not subject to enchantment decay due to death.
  • MP cost to enchant an item is reduced by 20%.
  • Enchantment duration is increased by 50%.

This skill improves the character's ability to enchant items. The MP costs of all enchantment actions are reduced by 20% and the duration of enchantments created by the character is increased by 50%.

Further, enchanted items in the character's possession will no longer decay when the character dies. The duration of enchanted items will still be reduced when the character uses them and enchantments will decay as normal when their duration expires. Since enchants on clothing only decay on death, this means that clothing enchants are effectively indestructible as long as they are in possession of a character with Seal Magic.

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