Scales of Namm the Vigilant

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Scales of Namm the Vigilant

Scales logo.png

Link: Scales of Namm the Vigilant
Leaders: Euphron
Alignment: Good
Policy: Open
Level: 4
Membership: 5
Focus: Raiding

About us


The Scales of Namm the Vigilant have formed in breath 4 to establish an angelic counterweight to the threat of the prime evils that were uncontested at their time. We focus on raiding, promoting role-play especially in the form of our crusade in the name of justice. Our logo represents the two Pillars of Namm, and a scale to judge the evil actions of those we raid.


  • Any hostile (red or black name) target is fair game at any time.
  • Do not attack non-hostile Goods except during raids and in self defense, or if they are known to attack Good characters themselves.
  • Do not attack non-hostile neutral characters that are part of social gatherings outside of strongholds, except in self defense, or if they are known to attack Good characters.
  • Don't be a dick
  • Have FUN!

Our nature as a faction of Namm permits the zealotry skills, but their use is limited by rules 2 and 3 and generally discouraged in an offensive context (if Evil could instead have been fought). We're a military; we acklowledge that in order to win the war, we must focus our efforts on those posing the greatest threat and as such, combat Evil wherever it lurks.

Historic Events

Nov 27, 2015 | Refuge in Namm's Arms: Founding date

On this glorious day, warmage Rylai and archon Euphron decided a fresh start was due in order to bring back life and energy into the angelic side of the war. Soon after, refugees from the glorious Battalion joined up.

Jan 08, 2016 | Army of Heaven: The vigilant forces are growing

After many weeks of raiding our way up the faction ladder for the direly needed renown to increase our storage capacity, we accomplished our first big achievement - capturing the flag of a level 7 faction, the Pirates of Rlyeh! At that point, our membership had grown up to thirteen, netting us a respectable faction level of five.

From that point on, we regularily targeted factions at or above their size, well knowing that with the acquisition of a Lich and our diverse strike force, we could now pester the honorable targets.

Jan 25, 2016 | The Great Smite: First successful raid on Oblivion Squadron

The Archon Euphron stands right next to his comrades, his courageous brothers and sisters in weapons. His fellow founder, the warmage Rylai; Monica and Shadowbane the Seraphim; Kandarin the Redeemed; Pharaoh the Divine Herald; Elkerlyc the Wizard and Nathaniel the Lich. The glorious crusaders stand knee-deep in the dismembered corpses of demons and fallen transcended. The formerly mighty fortifications have been reduced to a monstrous pile of rubble.

"Today is the day we say NO to your oppression. Today is the day we say YES to your declaration of war, and to prove that our words were not hollow phrases, but the everlasting embodiment of the will of NAMM the VIGILANT! We have proven that rising from nothing, a heart of gold can bring down even the oppression that is OBLIVION, and once and for all, we have proven that no PRIME EVIL is ever untouchable, even if they consider themselves to be!

Today is the day we open up a new chapter in the history of the SCALES OF NAMM, as there no longer exists a force too big for us to overcome purely with the force of our faith and the neverending support of our glorious faction supporters. None of this would have been possible without the tireless help of Jared the Shepherd and Emmett Brown the Conduit as well as that of our diligent component gatherers and solo raiders who have helped increase our formerly little faction's might to the level it is now.

Today is the day we make it clear that no evil, however big it is, will evade the judging gaze of NAMM the VIGILANT, and that we choose our targets with honor, our blades seeking to hit evil where it hurts instead of just scrambling together the flags of the weak. Today is the day we have earned our page in the history of this breath, and we shall forever keep the memory in our hearts.

With our first victory over the greatest threat out there, we have accomplished something to be proud of - we have captured the flag of the legendary Oblivion Squadron, forty members in size, with a crusading force of eight.

20160125 raid on OS.png

Feb 15, 2016 | The Ivory Crusade: Scales has freed the Ivory Tower from the clutches of Oblivion

On this glorious day, the Scales of Namm the Vigilant were the first faction to evict Oblivion from the Ivory Tower in Elysium, cleansing the hallowed ground from the demonic infestation. Using a new strategy to deal with the major threat of active forces we have encountered in the past, we ultimately succeeded in wiping the place in a matter of a mere four minutes, using an exceptionally large raid force powered to a great deal by the minions brought along by Nathaniel and Athru.

Mar 02, 2016 | Chasing down the Squadron in Sunrise

It's high time and Namm's faithful started getting busy inside the tavern near the sundial. It's time for another cleansing and Euphron was looking on the map of Laurentia and thinking of going for the Drifter's League. Upon seeing that there's more people in the tavern than the usual and there seems to be hunger in their eyes, a hunger to please the Vigilant. Euphron decided to give them a chance to prove themselves in Namm's eyes; he placed a pin on the map and tells them... "The Squadron falls today, brothers!"

They marched with hearts burning ready to seize glory or seize death. They took down the ward as fast as possible but as soon as Shadowbane and Monica started tanking a Dark Oppressor was already active and sounded the alarm. There were at least 6 actives defending the Squadron at this time. There were Glyphs and a lot of dispels. Conduits dodging Nathaniel's Ghouls. The raid halted when all the revealers of Namm has been fallen and exhausted; then, Larommi came wolfing down from Elysium killing as much of the Squadron as she could and with her quick thinking totally passed Nathaniel a gem of reveal ATHRU DID NOTHING. With one cast his Ghouls started cleaning up the the remaining defenders and what seems to be a defeat has turned into one glorious purging in Namm's name.

Dec 02, 2016 | The Rise of Pharaoh

It's a purging like no other that we've been before. All the demons are awake and glyphs are raining down like angel's tears from some emo angel. The soldiers of Namm are in a pinch because a single defender stands between them and glorious victory. They needed reinforcements but none has the energy to call for help. It is at this desperate moment that the sundial's shadow pointed to one thing - The ordination of a new leader and Pharaoh has been chosen by Namm to be his new herald of righteousness! And by his undertaking of this new power and role, the scales tipped once again in favor of the light.