Sanguinis Diabolus

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Sanguinis Diabolus is a sprawling demiplane at the physical center of the infernal plane of Stygia. The marshalling grounds of the Dark Lord Tlacolotl, it is the seat of his cult and the strongest base of his armies. Tlacolotl has taken advantage of the shattering of the plane of Stygia to carve out a territory dedicated to his bloodthirsty ideals, unhindered by endless squabbling with the other Dark Powers. Sanguinis Diabolus is the largest single demiplane in the Outer Planes, and its vast wastelands and fiery perils make crossing it a daunting task.

Features in Sanguinis Diabolus

The Pit of Azazel
Created by the fall of the Angelic lord Azazel in the depths of the past, the Pit is a gaping Void that mars the already festering surface of this land. The Watcher Keep stands in vigil nearby, though its purpose is unknown.

The Unholy City of Tlacolotl, Pandaemonium was built in a single hour to be the capital city of Stygia. While the presence of demiplanes ruled by other Dark Powers adds doubt to such claims, Pandaemonium is the most fortified location in the infernal plane and is inhabited by a substantial population of Demonkind. Tlacolotl's guild shrine can be found at its center, the Gulag Magnificent. Pandaemonium is technically a separate neighborhood within Sanguinis Diabolus.

Route 666
This cursed Frozen Highway is the origin of similar roads that cover other parts of Stygia. Originating within Pandaemonium, it bridges the blazing River of Tears and tracks southwards to other dark domains.

The Old City
It is unknown what demonic habitations existed in Sanguinis Diabolus before the rise of Pandaemonium, but the land is covered with burnt and ruined shells of what was once here. The Old Gatehouse at the River of Tears stands as the sole surviving building of this bygone era.

Traveling to Sanguinis Diabolus

An off-ramp of Route 666 diverges from its path and connects with the runway of Sidney Island in Laurentia. Since Sanguinis Diabolus is at the geographic center of Stygia, portals exist between it and all other neighborhoods of that infernal realm.