Sadistic Glee

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Sadistic Glee
Class CP Requires
Fallen 60 Abiding Hate
  • In single combat, each successful hit grants the Fallen 1MP and up to 3HP
  • On a killing blow, the Fallen gains 1AP (2AP if killing an Angel)

For each successful hit on a target, the character will gain 1 Magic Point and a number of Hit Points equal to the amount of damage dealt with a maximum of 3 points. A character cannot go over their normal maximums for MP or HP in this way.

If the character kills a target, they will gain 1 Action Point. This effectively means the killing blow is free. If the target killed is an Angel the character gains an additional Action Point. The character can go over their normal maximum number of Action Points in this way.

Fallen Skills

Abiding HateSadistic Glee || Charade of Redemption (free skill) → Dark Trick |→ Masquerade of Deception || Hellfire || Infernal Jets || Oath of SteelBond of the Mechanical || Plague of Doubt || Shadowskulk |→ Shadow Meld |→ Shadow Dirk