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This is a list of rules that govern the Nexus community, including the game, Discord, and forum.

This page covers the most important rules, but the Nexus rule system is a living document and some rules (e.g. "Treat people reasonably nicely") are written broadly to cover many possible situations. If you believe that an action by you or another player may be problematic, you are encouraged to contact an Admin for further clarification.

Community Rules

All Nexus Community rules for the site, forum and Discord can be considered to be a subset of Rule 1: Play Reasonably Nicely. Yes, the game's setting is violent and scary, but players are expected to treat other players decently. Personal attacks, bullying, flaming and trolling are not tolerated here. If you have an issue with another player, please bring it up with an Admin; do not start fights in public or attempt to get the community riled up at someone. Use common sense; if a reasonable admin could find your actions to be abusive or offensive, don't do it.

In-universe, your characters (who are, after all, fighting an eternal, bloody war between factions who hate each other) are not obligated to show the same level of courtesy to other characters. However, the site administration does not look kindly on efforts to hide real abuse of other players behind the shield of "in-character" words or actions.

Some (but by no means all) implications of "Play Reasonably Nicely" on the site, forum and Discords include:

  • Do not post personal information about other users. For that matter, it is unwise to post personal information about yourself.
  • Do not post pornography. If the image (or text) would be tagged "NSFW" do not post it. This extends to in-character circumstances; if your story includes sexual themes, keep them to private messages with people who actually want to read them. Roleplaying of rape or other sexual abuse will not be tolerated and admins will be further offended by attempts to cast it as humorous.
  • Do not post graphic, gory or "shocking" imagery or text. Nobody wants to be confronted with something like that when they log on.
  • Do not use widely accepted "hurtful" words, not even ironically. You look pathetic and nobody will be impressed.
  • Nazism, Nazi symbols, Nazi-worship, or praise of other racist or genocidal groups, ideologies or individuals is strictly forbidden. It's not edgy or cool and admins will not be amused by attempts to use it to troll people.
  • When posting images on the forum, you should only post images from sites that allow external linking of images. Not doing so leeches bandwidth from the host site, and gives them the power to remove the image or change it to something inappropriate to this site. There are plenty of image-hosting sites that allow external linking, and it shouldn't be hard to find one.

Game Rules - Bug Exploitation

If you discover an exploitable bug in the game or site, report it immediately. Most bugs should be reported on the Bug Reporting Forum or relayed to a member of the Development Team, but serious exploits or site vulnerabilities should be reported in private to an Admin. Do not continue taking advantage of the bug to gain an advantage for yourself. The Dev Team and Admins are dedicated to making the site safe and fair for all players, which means fixing anything that is buggy or grossly imbalanced as soon as possible. If something has not yet been fixed, it should not be taken as proof that the problem is "intended" or fair game to exploit.

This rule extends to broken or exploitable game mechanics. Nexus Clash is designed to be reasonably balanced; all classes and strategies have strengths and weaknesses. If you figure out an unbeatable strategy that always wins while your opponents are powerless to fight back, it is not intended and you should make the development and admin team aware of it rather than continuing to exploit it.

Game Rules - Alt Abuse

Your characters are required to live separate lives and not assist one another. This is to prevent any one player from having exerting undue influence on the game - if any player was allowed to use their characters to help each other, all players would feel that they have to do so to stay competitive, and a game where everyone did so would rapidly become unplayable and unfun for almost everyone. The principles that govern alt abuse rules can be summed up as follows:

  • Rule One: A player shall not attempt to use multiple characters that they control to gain an advantage in a particular area or against a particular character or faction. (This is often shortened to "keep your dudes away from each other").
  • Rule Two: A player shall not use knowledge gained by one character that they control to affect the actions another character they control except as is necessary to comply with Rule One.
  • Rule Three: It is your own actions that determine whether or not you are keeping your dudes away from each other, not someone else's.

Some examples of possible situations, and the rules' interpretation of them, include:

  • If another player kills your Character A, alt abuse rules forbid you to send your Character B soon after to the spot where Character A died to attack the killer of Character A.
  • If your Character A is killed in a raid, alt abuse rules forbid your faction-leader Character B to launch a raid soon after on the faction that killed Character A.
  • If your Character A joins a raid on a faction, your other characters may not join raids on that faction for 24 hours, even if you are not a faction leader of any of the involved factions.
  • If you learn via Discord chat or in-game announcement that the faction that contains your Character A is about to attack the faction containing your Character B at a specific time, alt abuse rules forbid you to log into Character B and fight the raiders or reinforce the stronghold defenses. Alt abuse rules also forbid you to notify the faction containing Character B of the attack.
  • If your Character A (who in this example is Level 30 and no longer needs XP) finds an enemy outdoors, you are not allowed to send your Character B (who in this example is a Mortal and needs XP) to kill the target for XP.
  • If your Character A fails to kill a target character or ward, you are not allowed to send your Character B to finish the job.
  • If another player's Character C attacks your Character A and later attacks your Character B, you are permitted to defend yourself against both attacks, as the other player picked the time and place of the conflict.
  • If your Character A finds another player's Character C and later finds their Character D in a different place, Character A is permitted to kill both C and D as they are considered to be unrelated. Players or player groups who make a point of persistently hunting down the alts of a specific player may be found to be in violation of community rules, so be mindful that you aren't doing so.
  • If you learn that the faction containing your Character A is about to attack the faction containing your Character B, you are permitted to log into Character B to move them out of the target stronghold prior to the attack. You are not obligated to move Character B out of the stronghold, nor obligated to join the attack as Character A, as long as Character B does not use your knowledge of the attack to defend the stronghold.

This is not a comprehensive list of possible situations; use common sense and do not be afraid to consult an Admin if a situation seems ambiguous. The game will sometimes prevent actions if they are done in the presence of one of your other characters or done to a character that one of your other characters has interacted with recently. If the game does not specifically block an action, it should not be taken as a sign that the rules permit it.

Game Rules - Multi Account Abuse

Under no circumstances should any given player create more than one user account. This is one of the most significant of game-mechanics rules and is treated very seriously by the Admins. If a new player who might not know better is found to have done this, they will be asked to choose one of their accounts; the others will be closed down. If an experienced player who knows better is found to have done this, they may be banned from the site on a permanent basis.

If you find yourself in a situation where you might be in unintended violation of this rule (for instance, if you had an old account years ago, forgot the password upon returning years later, and created a new account to replace it) contact an Admin to get it sorted out.

Reporting Rulebreaking

If you believe that another player is cheating, mistreating a player, exploiting bugs or anything else that should require rules enforcement intervention, send a forum PM to an Admin. When sending a message to an admin to report rulebreaking, include any evidence you can gather of the rulebreaking activity, such as screenshots or logs of in-game actions that you witnessed. If the action happened in game, send an admin links to the profiles of the characters that you believe broke the rules, as well as profiles of your character(s) that witnessed the incident.

Admins will investigate and determine whether rulebreaking has occurred, and if so, who is at fault and what penalty to apply. Admins do not normally announce when a player has been punished for minor rulebreaking, which is commonly referred to as the Hush Policy; if you report an incident, do not be alarmed if you are notified that action was taken but not what the action was. Larger incidents that require long-term bans are more likely to be discussed openly by admins.

Do not report rulebreaking incidents in public on the Forum, in the game or on Nexus-related Discord chat servers. The Admin Team has access to comprehensive tools to determine who is actually at fault and can be relied upon to resolve cases; players with a habit of taking rulebreaking cases to the court of public opinion instead are breaking the rules by doing so and may incur penalties themselves.

Rules Enforcement

Rules are enforced by the Admins. The above is a list of established rules, but it is not comprehensive; if Admins determine that a player has found a new way of mistreating other players or abusing the game system that is not covered by an existing rule, they can and will apply appropriate penalties anyway. Admins always consult with other admins before applying penalties, and keep records of their actions. If admins determine that a player has broken the rules, they may apply penalties, including:

  • Warnings, especially if the player has no prior rulebreaking history and the action was not severe.
  • Smites (unavoidable instant death) applied to rulebreaking characters or all characters of a rulebreaking player.
  • Temporary Bans applied to rulebreaking characters or all characters of a rulebreaking player. Players with a history of repeated rulebreaking may receive longer bans.
  • Temporary Discord Bans if the rulebreaking behavior was specific to the Discord. Discord Mods may apply temporary Discord bans independent of Admins, though Admins will be informed of the action if this occurs.
  • Temporary Account Bans that will prevent a rulebreaking player from accessing the site. Players with a history of repeated rulebreaking may receive longer bans.

If you are punished for breaking the rules, stop doing whatever you were punished for and do not do so again in the future. Do not argue about the rules or complain about the penalty in public; if you believe that the penalty was unfair and wish to dispute it, send an email to the admin team.

Rulebreaking penalties exist to discipline players and encourage them to behave better in the future. In extreme cases where Admins determine that a given player has no realistic chance of ever behaving better, more extreme penalties may be applied, including:

  • Permanent Bans from the Forum or Discord, if the rulebreaking behavior was specific to one of these venues.
  • Permanent Account Bans from the site. If a new account is found to be the same person as a previous player that was permanently banned, the new account will be banned as well.
  • Players with a chronic history of alt abuse who have shown an unwillingness or inability to abide by alt abuse rules may find themselves constrained to playing only one character and unable to create additional alts.