Robotics Bay

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Among the buildings of Absolution's arcane University is an apparently autonomous Robotics Bay that manufactures Robotic Observers and the many smaller servitors that are busy upending the land. While it contains much of use and can be boarded and tinkered with, it does not appear to have been designed for long-term human habitation.

Machinehaus.gif You are standing outside of Robotics Bay. This gleaming steel building appears to have once been some sort of vehicle, but it has partially disassembled itself and sunk pile foundations into the ground. Small robotic servitors scurry about in the grass near it. The sun gleams brightly in a cloudless, deep cerulean sky.
You are standing inside of Robotics Bay. The interior of this building is a claustrophobic maze of grinding, whirring machines that constantly assemble small robotic servitors. There are operator quarters, but they are rare and strewn around the interior with apparent randomness. Not only does the sun stream through the windows, but the whole area seems to be suffused with a light of its own.

Outside Inside
Find % 15 30
Hide % 15 15
Allows: Smithing Gunsmithing Alchemy