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When your hit points reach zero, you die and your spirit leaves your body and the battlefield. While in this non-corporeal state, you cannot access your inventory, speak, attack, or perform other actions that require your body. You can still use the faction chatbox and faction announcement box.

Clicking the Respawn button will return you to a fresh aspect on the battlefield. Where the new body appears will depend on your character class. Mortals will always respawn in Laurentia. Demons and the Fallen often respawn in Stygia, while angels and the Redeemed often respawn in Elysium and the Transcended often respawn in Purgatorio. There is a 1/3 chance that a Tier 3 Angel, Transcend or Demon will respawn in Laurentia, and a 2/3 chance for a Tier 2 Angel, Transcend or Demon. Characters will respawn on a randomly selected tile, but will never respawn in the sea, in a river, or in certain remote areas.

The AP cost of respawning is your character level divided by 2 (rounded up): a maxed out (level 30) character must spend 15 AP to respawn, while a new (level 1) character must spend only 1 AP.

Note that although both Angels with a Morality of less than 20 and Demons with a morality of more than -20 can still respawn in their home planes, although they are not automatically immune to the Planar Damage there.

The skills Reanimation and Phylactery influence the mechanics of respawning for Liches. Furthermore, members of the Adamant Kinship planar guild will always respawn in Laurentia regardless of their class or alignment.

Ingame flavor text
On death:
You have died. Your spirit is floating in the void amongst the planes. Respawn (X AP)

On respawning:
Your spirit feels drawn to a new body and you quickly enter it. You have respawned.
Respawn Broadcast messages
Being on the same tile that a character respawns on broadcasts a unique respawn message, one flavour for each class.
  • Mortal: With a soft shimmer, [name] winks into view. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Paladin: Accompanied by the a brief but unseen fanfare punctuated by the crash of distant thunder, the form of [name] materializes here. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Shepherd: In a flash of multicolored light, the body of [name] pulses into existence in this location. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Myrmidon: With a start, the pristine form of [name] stands up in this location where no body was just a moment before. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Sorcerer: A cloud of smoke billows into existence suddenly, from which the unharmed form of [name] quickly stepped forth. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Pariah: With a flash of blackness so intense you can feel the cold moisture press against your skin, the body of [name] appears suddenly in this location. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Defiler: With an awful grinding noise, countless shards of darkness seem to fly into this area from every direction, converging into the form of [Name]. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Holy Champion: A blast of hot wind kicks up a dust devil in this area which pulses as a gentle rain falls upon it and coalesces into the form of [name] before you. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Divine Herald: Accompanied by a deep clap of rolling thunder, [name] descended from the heavens to alight on the ground in this location. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Seraph: A flood of tiny clockwork components appeared from all directions and converged on one point here, assembling themselves like the sand in a hourglass in reverse. In a manner of seconds, they combine into the form of [name]. [He/She] has returned from the dead!
  • Redeemed:The ground here ripples and seems to liquefy and beams of light begin to burst upward as the form of [name] rises silently from the earth in front of you. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Advocate:
  • Archon:- In a burst of brilliant light, [name] appeared in this location. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Lightspeaker: The sound of tinkling chimes whispers in the air, increasing in volume until a bright ray of light illuminates the area; [name] steps forth from the light and the chimes go silent. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Eternal Soldier: [name] appeared in this location, seemingly unharmed by previous wounds. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Nexus Champion: A vast array of magical symbols flowed through the air here, dancing about in ebbs and flows and merging together until they outline the form of tattoos covering the skin of [name], who gradually comes into view inside of the tattoos. [He/She] has returned from the dead!
  • Revenant: Your ears are assaulted by the sound of a million unseen wings as a foggy mist rolls into the area. Soon the mist coalesces, and the body of [name] is visible before you as the sound of the beating wings disperses. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Conduit: In a swirl of unknowable colors, the fabric of reality shifted before you and [name] stepped forth from a direction that you did not think existed. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Lich: [name] extended a hand from beneath the ground and dug themselves out of a shallow grave. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Wizard: The ghostly form of [name] flickers in the air, blinking in and out of existence several times before finally solidifying. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Infernal Behemoth: With a tremendous roar, [name] burst from the ground in a jet of unholy flames. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Doom Howler: As the air suddenly goes cold, a disembodied mouth filled with crooked teeth appears and a maddening, cackling howl echoes through the area. The full shape of [name] slowly materializes behind the mouth, laughing insanely. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Void Walker: The air around you darkens as [name] scuttles into and out of your field of vision. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Fallen:
  • Corruptor: The color seems to drain from this location until with a flourish, [name] steps as though from behind some invisible curtain and all the color rushes back to fill the area again. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Dark Oppressor: In a flash of flame and brimstone, [name] popped into existence here, restored to life by their pacts with the Dark Powers. [She/He] has returned from the dead!
  • Wyrm Master: With a sickening ripping sound, the ground here seems to expel an offensively-colored ooze. Rising from the puddle of ooze, the form of [name] takes shape. [She/He] has returned from the dead!