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If you wish to play a different Class or strategy, but want to use an existing character instead of making a new one, you may Reset a character. This will return your character to their mortal beginnings, to seek a different fate.

The button to Reset a character can be found on your Character Profile. Be advised that Resetting cannot be undone when it is done, so be sure that it is what you really want to do.

Effects of Resets

Resetting a character has the following effects:

  • The character becomes a Level 1 Mortal with zero Experience Points and 10 Character Points.
  • Maximum Action Points become 50.
  • Maximum Hit Points become 50.
  • Maximum Magic Points become 20. This may be 30 instead if you have collected all of the Lore of Haldon.
  • All Skills are removed.
  • All Spells are removed.
  • All innate weapons and armor except Fist and Kick are removed.
  • All Pets despawn.
  • All Status Effects on the character are removed, including statuses that the reset character applied to others.
  • Breath Statistics (e.g. food, kills, repairs) are set to zero.
  • Exploration Badges from the current Breath are lost and must be found once more.
  • CP-granting Breath Achievement Badges are lost and will be re-earned in stages as the character levels back up to level 10 and 20.
  • Any Heavy Items are dropped.
  • If you were a Redeemed before the reset, maximum Morality is set back to +40.

Content Unaffected by Resets

Everything not listed in the above list is kept with the character past resets. Things that the character is able to keep include, but are not limited to:

  • The contents of your Inventory including Enchants on your items, minus innate weapons, innate armor and Heavy Items.
  • Membership and rank in a Faction.
  • Any Hit Points, Action Points, Morality and Magic Points you had at the time, though these may be reduced to the new maximum if they were above it.
  • The contents of your faction Footlocker.
  • Career Statistics (e.g. food, kills, repairs) including the Lore of Haldon.
  • All Badges not specifically mentioned above, including Career Achievement Badges and Exploration Badges from prior Breaths.
  • Your Aspect and personal Description.
  • Personal customization such as locked aspects, titles and a personal portrait.
  • Alchemy recipes.
  • The contents of your personal Pad.
  • Character Points from Badges related to hunting boss monsters such as the Great Wyrm, but only for hunts that took place within the same Breath.

Resets Compared to Breath Resets

The global character resets that apply to all characters at the start of a Breath differ from regular Resets in some ways. Traits of Breath Resets that do not apply to normal Resets include:

  • All inventory content except Clothing are lost, including from faction Safes and Footlockers, to keep stockpiles from being carried into the new world.
  • Enchants on Clothing are lost.
  • Renamed items besides Clothing are replaced with Memories of a Past Life which can be exchanged for renames on new items.
  • All Strongholds are revoked, as the battle has moved to new Planes.
  • Exploration Badges (though not their CP rewards) are kept as a record of past exploration, as there is no way to re-earn them in the new world.
  • Breath Achievement Badges are kept as a record of past achievements. These badges have new names when earned in new Breaths.
  • Boss monster-fighting Badges are kept as a record of past achievements, but no longer offer CP.
  • Alchemy recipes are lost.
  • All characters are moved to the Void and will find themselves in new Planes when they respawn.