Rend Flesh

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Class CP Requires
Pariah 40 Enervate
  • The Pariah gains a damage increase when attacking characters affected by the Pariah's Enervate skill.

Pariahs with this skill inflict additional damage when striking a target who is under the effect of Enervate.

Targets with the Enervated status effect grant any attacker with Rend Flesh a +1 damage bonus if the target is at fewer than full Hit Points. If the target is at 50% or fewer hit points, this increases to +2. If the target is at 25% or fewer hit points, this increases to +3. An extra point of interest is that these brackets are similar to those that change the visual HP Bar.

The increased damage is proportional to the severity of the target's wounds and is shown in the table below. Only the largest damage bonus is applied.

Enervate Effect
Target health Damage increase
100% None
<100% +1
<50% +2
<25% +3

Pariah Skills

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