Remembrance of Demonhood

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Remembrance of Demonhood
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 30 None
  • +3 damage, +10% to-hit against Demons of the same Tier 2 class.
  • +2 damage, +5% to-hit against other Demons.
  • +1 damage against other Evil characters.

If the Redeemed learning this skill was once a Defiler, he or she gains a +3 damage bonus and a +10% hit chance when attacking evil-aligned Defilers and their demonic exits, and +2 damage and +5% to-hit against evil-aligned Pariahs and their demonic exits.
If the Redeemed was a Pariah, the +3 damage bonus and a +10% hit chance is instead granted against evil Pariahs and their demonic exits, while the +2 damage and +5% to-hit is granted against Defilers and their demonic exits.
Against evil targets who are not Demons, the Redeemed gains a +1 damage bonus.

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