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When you are tired of a character you may Release them from their character page.

  • When a character is released they become a spirit and are moved to the Void Between the Planes, much the same as if they had died.
  • They will be removed from any Faction they may be in, and will need to rejoin and be promoted should they later be reclaimed.
  • Released characters do not take damage in the process, and their Deaths stat does not rise. This is an anti-farming measure.

Released characters are otherwise the same as dead characters. For instance, their Inventory, Achievements and Stats, Class selection, Skills, and CP remain untouched.
Releasing a character will free up that character slot. If the player has at least one free character slot they will see a list of their released characters. The player can fill the slot by either creating a brand new character or by Reclaiming a released character (who probably would have had time to fully regenerate their Action and Magic Points).

Character releases are limited to one every twenty-four hours to prevent people from circumventing the character limit. This timer is shared with character resets; you may reset or release only once in 24 hours. There are no limits on how many times a character can be released or reclaimed, nor on how many released characters a player might have. However, recall that they are treated as 'dead' characters once released. Upon reclamation, they require respawning as any fallen fighter to act again.