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Tier: 3
Morality: Good
Entrance: Defiler, Pariah



Some demons are so shocked by their curse, that they see the error of their ways and seek redemption. Seeking forgiveness for their actions is no easy task, but if they are sincere Namm may lift their curse. However, their dark past constantly looms over them. It forever haunts a Redeemed, terrifying them of what they are capable of. A Redeemed will often abide by the moral standards of Namm much more strictly than other angels, and will pay penitence for even minor transgressions.

To become a Redeemed the character must have a Good Morality when they decide to enter their Tier 3 class. Since the character's Tier 2 skills are demonic, and demonic skills require an Evil Morality to function, this means that the Redeemed will lose access to all their Tier 2 skills.

Characters wishing to become Redeemed must spend a minimum of 100 Character Points on their demonic Tier 2 skills and/or spells. This is to prevent players from "gaming" the system and spending all their Character Points on Mortal skills so as to not lose anything when they Rise at the Tier 3 class entrance.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Candle of the Soul Passive. Character gains an Innate Hand-to-Hand attack which deals 7 points of Fire damage to the target, and 3 points to the Redeemed. If target is Evil, it gains Illuminated Status Effect. - 30 -1 -
Lamp of Clinging Purity Triggered. AoE attack unhiding all characters and removing any invisible status. All characters under -5 morality gain the Illuminated status effect equal to their morality divided by -5. Candle of the Soul 60 -5 -5
Elite Attack Passive. Gains +2 damage on all non-spell attacks. - 30 - -
Feet of the Wind Passive. Tile-to-tile movement is halved. - 30 - -
Holy Fortitude Passive. +15 Hit Point total. - 30 - -
Favored Son of Earth Passive. Gains +25 Hit Points and loses 10 Magic Points. Character regenerates 1-3 Hit Points per game tick, depending on Action Point and Magic Point status. Holy Fortitude 60 - -
Mask of the Penitent Triggered. Character gains Mask of the Penitent status effect. - - -1 -7
Mask of the Martyr Triggered. Character gains Mask of the Martyr status effect. Mask of the Penitent 60 -1 -7
    ↳Ultimate Suffering Passive. If under effects of Mask of the Martyr and if the attack deals 15 or more points of damage before soak, Redeemed gains a Vial of Angel's Tears. Mask of the Martyr 90 - -
Mask of Vengeance Triggered. Character gains Mask of Vengeance Status Effect. - 30 -1 -7
Crossbow of Cold Resolve Passive. Character gains an Innate bow attack that deals 12 cold damage to the target, +5% to hit, and 3 damage to the character. Mask of Vengeance 60 -1 -
Fists of Holy Resolve Passive. Character gains +2 damage to Hand-to-Hand attacks. Can activate the Fists of Holy Resolve status effect. Mask of Vengeance 60 -1 -8
Moteless Eye Passive. Allows Redeemed to bypass any opposing defense to Archery and Area of Effect attacks. 30 - -
Eye of Storms Triggered. Character gains Eye of Storms effect. Moteless Eye 60 -1 -8
Radiant Storm Triggered. Costs 5 Action Points, 10 Hit Points, and 5 Morality for each using dealing up to 25 Electric damage to each target and 200 damage in total. If reaching maximum damage, character gains Holy Eye Status Effect, else the Hawk Sight Status Effect. Moteless Eye 60 -5 -5
Remembrance of Demonhood Passive. +3 damage, and +10% chance to hit Defiler if character was a Defiler. +2 damage, and +5% chance to hit Pariah if character was a Defiler. +3 damage, and +10% chance to hit Pariah if character was a Pariah . +2 damage, and +5% chance to hit Defiler if character was a Pariah. Against evil, non-demonic targets, +1 damage bonus - 30 - -
Wrathful Smite Charged attack. Costs no additional Action Points but 10 Morality. Does +10 damage and damage type is changed to Holy. 25% chance to cost 15 Morality, dealing +20 damage while changing type to Unholy. Remembrance of Demonhood 60 - -10