Ragged Philanthropists

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Ragged Philanthropists

Ragged Philantropists5.png

Link: Ragged Philanthropists
Leaders: a playful otter
Katerina Hasheen
Alignment: Good
Policy: Open
Level: 8
Membership: 20
Focus: Roleplaying

Coming forth from obscure(ish) origins in Nexal antiquity, the Ragged Philanthropists are a group dedicated to bringing peace and generosity to the war-torn lands of the Nexus. The benevolent souls that make up the Philanthropists can be found staffing the semi-unaccredited University of Valhalla, teaching and protecting mortals that take shelter with them or wandering the Nexus spreading good cheer.


The Ragged Philanthropists make it their goal to make the Nexus a more welcoming, friendly and peaceful place, even if this is frequently a fantastically improbable goal. The Raggeds believe in fostering harmony and togetherness between all Good and Neutral souls that are willing to live in peace, and can usually be found organizing some sort of sanctuary, picnic or get-together for the benefit of all. The Raggeds are collectively pacifists and do not participate in angelic crusades by raiding, though the faction contains capable warriors and even a few devoted solo raiders. The faction does not strive for the victory of any specific Elder Power, but their ideals are very similar to those of Baraas, personification of Cooperation.

The Raggeds are dedicated to Givenation, whether of goods that will help young souls level, protection, buffs or more. As the University of Valhalla, the faction is based out of a University (currently 8,21 in Laurentia) with close access to educational resources and hands-on learning. Most Raggeds will be happy to help newcomers level and especially to become Good if they are not already so.


Here are just a few of the many benevolent souls that make up the Ragged Philanthropists! The following is not anywhere close to a complete list, as new Raggeds join us and take their journey to other factions all the time and our roster paperwork may have gotten lost in the incomprehensible madness of the changing of Breaths.

Playful Otter.jpg
A Playful Otter

Class: Advocate
Special Talents: Crafting/repairing/enchanting, morale, otter tricks, water park design

One of the oldest souls in the Nexus despite his youthful furry appearance, the playful otter can be found entertaining the masses with otter tricks, keeping the pool well stocked with fish, and despite his little otter paws he is surprisingly adept at crafting and repairing goodies for those in need. His cuddles have magical properties and have been known to make mages more effective.

Origami Kitten2.jpg
An origami kitten

Class: Archon
Special Talents: Scholarship, righteous pouncing, getting tangled in yarn, tangling evildoers in yarn, energy-renewing snuggles

Folded with love by unknown forces, the origami kitten is a natural reader and learner, and every holy book that it affectionately gnaws on finds its way into its many folds to fill it with holy and adorable power. When it's not growing, it can be found frolicking playfully every which way (though for some reason it stays clear of the pool).

Doctor Gregory House.jpg
Doctor Gregory House

Class: Lightspeaker
Special Talents: Piercing gaze, infallible diagnoses, essential curmudgeon skillset, one-of-a-kind melee technique

Having somehow found his way to the Nexus, Doctor House lends his medical talents and ever-valuable insights on life to the cause. He seems to have laid off the pills a bit...somewhat...kinda, but has retrieved his signature Cane and is happy to demonstrate his skills with it to any evildoers in range.


Class: Lightspeaker
Special Talents: Culinary arts, all-hours care for obviously helpless advocates, defense of the innocent with a surprisingly lethal robot army

Beloved of Alonai, Esrahil is a gentle angel of love and compassion devoted to creating peace, comfort and order in the midst of the chaos and violence of the Nexus. An ancient and learned traveler through time who has experienced adventure on many wondrous worlds, Esrahil brings the joy and optimism of Elysium to the mortal world of Laurentia. She can be found defending the Raggeds' get-togethers, greeting guests, baking pancakes and other delicious goodies, and keeping her best friend Katerina from doing self-endangering things such as playing with sharp things, raising zombies or wandering out of Esrahil's immediate personal space at any time for any reason.

Garth Marenghi.jpg
Garth Marenghi

Class: Wizard
Special Talents: Literary genius, sage life advice, bartending, glyph spells, raw magical combat power

Creator of the critically acclaimed Darkplace hailed by such literary lights as Garth Marenghi, Garth has somehow found his way to the Nexus to raise the bar of storytelling and send a chill down the spines of those who have until now experienced only young-adult-lit claptrap. His raw charisma (that's definitely what it is) is highly effective at keeping evildoers at bay.

Hotblack Desiato

Class: Lightspeaker
Special Talents: Music and storytelling, ingenious combat robotics, diplomacy

Hotblack Desiato was dead, for tax purposes. Now he's not. Hotblack came to the Nexus by unknown means from the Ascension space station, a home that he shared with many fantastic people who can be found scattered around the Nexus even now. Having joined the Raggeds, he now can be found spreading his own special joie de vivre near and far. He's got rhythm; he's got music. Who could ask for anything more?

John Machen

Class: Conduit
Special Talents: Givenating magic, armorer, glyphmaster, paragon of principles

Beyond any other Ragged Philanthropist, John Machen embodies the ultimate ideal of pacifism. A gentle soul who has never harmed a living being, John avoids even learning techniques that could ever inflict harm. Utterly devoted to preventing harm by all others, he creates mastercrafted armor, casts defenses against the wicked, and empowers others to work together to use their magical talents to better defend the innocent.

Katerina Hasheen.png
Katerina Hasheen

Class: Advocate
Special Talents: Defensive Blessings, necromancy, angel affection therapy, honest yet disturbing advice, acting as fate's personal chew toy

An unlikely angel of Hashaa, Katerina embraces the limitations placed by her patron Power and seeks to live, love, share and experience all the beauty that this brief life has to offer. She is usually focused on rearranging local entropy patterns to try and put Good people lower down on the reaper's collection priority list. Katerina is deeply affectionate and thinks everyone and everything is beautiful. Her companion, Esrahil, holds the irrational yet simultaneously totally correct belief that this line of thinking constantly puts Katerina's life in danger.


Class: Conduit
Special Talents: Phenomenal Cosmic Power of enchanting, tinkering, (Out of Character) artistic cleverness

A living magical arsenal of Goodness, Magus blesses those of virtue with wondrous magical artifacts of his own invention. Skilled as a swordsmith, armorer and surprisingly talented tailor, Magus uses his immense magical and mundane skills to make sure that people are outfitted with just the right tools and fashion for any occasion. (Special OOC thanks to Magus for the faction logo also).


Class: Conduit
Special Talents: Reality warping, portal bending, eldritch lore scholarship, fashion trendsetting

The devoted of Goros, Repth is always in search of new clues to unravel the wonders of creation. An ever-curious scholar, he has roamed the planes and studied the lives of Angels, Demons and Transcended alike to expand his already-extraordinary magical knowledge. He looks fantastic in a white robe of Goros. He thinks you would also look fantastic in a white robe of Goros, and even more so if you followed the path of enlightenment that that robe entails.

The Blue Devil

Class: Lightspeaker
Special Talents: Dancing, backup dancer summoning, cryogenics, cutting-edge medicine

Med student by day, mascot by night, the Blue Devil has arrived in a world far, far from his original school spirit but no less dedicated to raising cheer, protecting his teammates and healing those in need.


Class: Lich
Special Talents: Life, death, poetry, wonder

There is an ocean in Tyrsha's soul. Even the smallest of her acts is wrought through with an elegant dance of this fragile life, a dance that can have but one ending but is all that there is. She can be found keeping mementos of the many beautiful memories that have passed through her home and all of the Nexus, some mementos of which yet still watch over we the living.

Nexus ChampionSmall2.png

Class: Nexus Champion
Special Talents: Martial adaptability, teleportation, endurance, uncanny ability to appear just in time to save the day

For every shield there's a sword, and battle is Wozzy's business. Business is good. Wozzy can be found roaming the Nexus stopping demons before they can threaten the University of Valhalla, and skillfully defends the Raggeds' get-togethers against all those who would threaten them. A capable scholar despite his martial demeanor, Wozzy is always studying new techniques that can help him outwit his foe.