Rage Strike

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Rage Strike
Class CP Requires
Infernal Behemoth 30 None
Rage Strike
AP MP HP Other

(total of 2)

+15 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Charged -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
Unholy +15 -

This is a Charged Attack, costing an additional 1 Action Point and 15 Magic Points when compared to an uncharged attack. A successful hit deals +15 points of damage and changes the damage type to Unholy.

In addition, if the Infernal Behemoth also possesses the Bloodlust skill then he gains 15 Status Ticks of Bloodlust on each successful hit with Rage Strike. This doesn't trigger when used against fortifications, wards or doors.

Some Examples

An Infernal Behemoth encounters a Mortal wearing a suit of military encounter armor. The Behemoth attacks the Mortal twice, successfully hitting with Tailwhip and then again with Tailwhip charged by Rage Strike. The Behemoth continues the attack, first with Blood Claws before switching to Blood Claws charged by Rage Strike. The table below summarizes the results:

Attack Type
AP cost
MP cost
Base Damage
Damage Type
Target Soak
Target Damage
Damage / AP
Tailwhip 1 0 10 Slashing 3 Slashing
0 Unholy
7 7
Tailwhip + Rage Strike 2 15 25 Unholy 3 Slashing
0 Unholy
25 12.5
Blood Claws 1 0 6 Unholy 3 Slashing
0 Unholy
6 6
Blood Claws + Rage Strike 2 15 21 Unholy 3 Slashing
0 Unholy
21 10.5

Infernal Behemoth Skills

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