Radiant Armory

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Radiant Armories can be found throughout the plane of Elysium, and act as critical military strongpoints for Namm's armies and other Angels that rely on firearms. It is possible to Harvest either Pistol Clips or Pistols from a Radiant Armory.

RadiantArmory.gif You are standing outside of Radiant Armory. This is a towering structure with a glistening sheen, although it was obviously constructed in the distant past. Several imposing statues, all of which seem to be angelic heroes, stand attention at the ramparts.
You are standing inside of Radiant Armory. This building was once used for the manufacture and storage of firearms for an angelic military force. The walls are lined with intricate carvings and there are several racks for weapons storage nearby.

Outside Inside
Find % 10 30
Hide % 15 30
Allows: Gunsmithing