Precision of the Assassin

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Precision of the Assassin
Class CP Requires
Void Walker 60 Assassin's Edge
  • Void Walker with Firearms or Hand-to-Hand attacks is able to shoot around victims' armor, treating their soak as 0.
  • Damage resistance and immunity skills are not bypassed.
  • Attacks apply Void Taint to the character.

Any target attacked with Firearms or Hand-to-Hand attacks will be treated as if it had a Soak of 0 when attacked by a character with this skill. Damage Resistance and Immunity will function normally.

Each time a Void Walker bypasses soak with Precision of the Assassin, he gains the Void Taint Status Effect for 5 Status Ticks (duration stacks). Void Taint grants the Void Walker a negative soak (to all damage types) equal to the highest amount of soak he has bypassed while under the current instance of Void Taint (e.g. bypassing 3 points of Electric soak would reduce all the Void Walker's soaks by 3).

Note that Void Taint gives negative soak; it is therefore possible to counteract the effects with any source of soak, such as armour or Potions of Invulnerability.

Precision of the Assassin does not bypass soak granted from Fortifications, nor will fortifications grant negative soak to the Void Walker.

Void Walker Skills

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