Portal Cleaving

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Portal Cleaving
Class CP Requires
Conduit 60 Wisp Form
Nexal Mark
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - -
  • May set a Nexal Mark on the current location
  • May set (level/5) Nexal Marks at once.
Cleave Portal
AP MP HP Duration
4 15 - 15 minutes
  • May "Cleave" an existing portal, linking it to a Nexal Mark.
  • Action requires and consumes an existing Nexal Mark.
  • Anyone may "Bend" the "Cloven Portal" while the effect persists, at the cost of +3 AP and +5 MP on top of the portal's normal cost, to arrive at the Nexal Mark (outside).

The Conduit gains the ability to set a "Nexal Mark" on a tile for 1 AP and 10 MP. The character must be physically present in the location to create the mark.

The Conduit may have up to (level/5) Nexal Marks set at once. The Conduit may spend 1 AP to remove any Mark at any time, from any distance.

The Conduit gains the ability to "Cleave a Portal" on any tile with an existing Portal for 4 AP and 15 MP. The "Cloven Portal" effect lasts for 15 minutes.

  1. When cleaving a portal, the Conduit selects any of their Nexal Marks. Doing so consumes the Nexal Mark.
  2. Anyone using a portal on the tile where "Cloven Portal" effect is active gains the option to "Bend" the portal to the destination of the Nexal Mark that the portal was been tied to (at the normal portal bending cost of +3 AP and +5 MP). This bending always causes characters to appear outside.
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