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Class CP Requires
Defiler 20 None
AP MP HP Other

(total of 2)

+5 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Charged -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
- - -
  • Inflicts Target with Defiler Poison.
  • Lvl 1-9 Character afflicted by Defiler Poison is cured by death.
  • Lvl 1-9 Characters suffer 1 damage.
  • Lvl 10-19 Characters suffer 3 damage.
  • Lvl 20+ Characters suffer 6 damage.

This is a Charged Attack, costing an additional 1 Action Point and 5 Magic Points when compared to an uncharged attack. A successful hit will inflict the Defiler Poison Status Effect on the target. A hit with Poison grants the attacker 5 Experience Points, modified as normal for differences between the Defiler's and target's levels.

The Defiler Poison Status Effect lasts until the target is cured of the poison by magical healing such as Meditation or Absolve Suffering. Use of First Aid Kits or similar healing items will also cure poison, but food or alcohol will not. In addition, dying only cures the effects of poison for characters under level 10; poison persists in other characters until the character has either cured the effect or respawned three times.

While under the effect of Defiler Poison, for every action taken, a character will take the following damage: Tier 1 characters take 1 point of damage per action, Tier 2 characters take 3 points of damage per action, and Tier 3 characters take 6 points of damage per action.

A character with this skill can see when a character is already poisoned. Characters with this skill can cure themselves for 1 AP and 5 MP if poisoned by another Defiler.

Defiler Skills

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