Plague of Doubt

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Plague of Doubt
Class CP Requires
Fallen 30 None
Plague of Doubt
AP MP HP Other
+1 +6 - -
Attack Type Base Accuracy
Charged -
Dmg. Type Tgt. Dmg. Tot. Dmg.
- - -
  • Inflicts Target with Plagued with Doubt for 15 Status Ticks.
  • Plagued with Doubt has no effect on Characters of Morality of 10 or less.
  • Characters afflicted by Plagued with Doubt lose at least 1 MO per attack and cannot raise their MO.
  • Characters afflicted by Plagued with Doubt have their Damage Floor raised to (Morality / 10), rounded up.
  • Characters afflicted by Plagued with Doubt have the option to end the status effect at a Morality cost equal to their current Damage Floor.

This is a charged attack that works with any weapon tree, costing an additional 1 Action Point and 6 Magic Points compared to a normal attack. A successful hit will inflict the Plagued with Doubt Status Effect on the target for 15 Status Ticks.

While a target is under the effect of Plagued with Doubt, the minimum amount of damage the target can suffer from an attack is increased from 1 to (target's Morality / 10), rounded up.

For example, an Eternal Soldier with the skill Way of Earth and a Morality of 30 is attacked by a Mortal using their Fist attack. The Eternal Soldier would take 1 point of Impact damage because of their innate armor (Soak of 4 against Impact damage reduces the attack to the minimum of 1 point of damage). If the Eternal Soldier were under the effects of Plague of Doubt, the minimum amount of damage they could take from an attack would be raised to 3 (Morality of 30 / 10). The Mortal would now deal 3 points of Impact damage with their Fist attack (even though the initial attack only dealt 2 damage, it will increase to meet the Floor value.).

In addition, characters affected by Plagued with Doubt can no longer gain Morality when making attacks and lose 1 extra point of Morality for each attack made in addition to any shift caused by the attack itself.

Plague of Doubt will not work on targets with a Morality score of 10 or less.

While under the effects of Plague of Doubt, a Plagued character will have an option in their skill pane to "Negate the doubt." Negating their doubt costs 0 Action Points, but will cause the Plagued character to lose as many points of Morality as the minimum damage threshold they are afflicted with. In the case of the Eternal Soldier in the above example, the character could negate their doubt for a cost of 0 Action Points and a loss of 3 Morality points.

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