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Class CP Requires
Lich 60 Reanimation
Create Phylactery
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - -
  • May create a Phylactery at any location.
  • Drops Death Anchor Phylactery when Lich dies.
  • Total of Level/5 Phylacteries at any time, not counting Death Anchors.
Respawn at Phylactery
AP MP HP Duration
Var - - -
  • Lich respawns at target Phylactery.
  • Target Phylactery is destroyed.

The Lich may now create up to (Level/5) phylacteries. To do so the Lich must be in the physical location where he wants the phylactery to reside. The Lich must pay 1 AP and 10 MP to bury a Phylactery in the given location. When placing it, the player can rename it from the default name of ( x, y Plane ) to something more descriptive. The Phylactery is invisible to all characters.

If the Lich dies for any reason, it will drop a Death Anchor, a unique Phylactery that appears at its place of death. Respawning normally or using a different Phylactery consumes Death Anchors.

When respawning, the Lich is given the option to "respawn as normal" or to use a Phylactery to respawn. If the Lich uses a Phylactery the AP respawn cost is 1/3 of Level as per Reanimation, and the Lich respawns in the location where the phylactery is set (always outside, as all respawns).

Using a Phylactery to respawn destroys that Phylactery. The Lich may spend 1 Action Point to remove any of its phylacteries from any distance at any time.

Lich Skills

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