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Class CP Requires
Doom Howler 60 Spectral Armor
  • +5% defense.
AP MP HP Duration
1 10 - 20
  • Attacks against the Doom Howler have a flat 30% chance of failing.
  • Doom Howler's attacks have a flat 10% chance of inflicting Phantasmal Terror instead of damage.

This skill grants the Doom Howler a +5% defense bonus. In addition, the Doom Howler gains the ability to activate the Phasing Status Effect for 1 AP and 10 MP. Phasing lasts for 20 Status Ticks.

While character is under the Phasing status effect, attacks that would normally hit the character have a flat 30% chance of failing. In addition, each time the Doom Howler would successfully hit with an outgoing attack, there is a 10% chance that the attack will phase through the victim and deal no damage. In this case, the victim will instead be inflicted with the Phantasmal Terror Status Effect for 5 minutes (overlaps).

The Doom Howler gains an additional 50% defense against attacks made by those upon whom he has inflicted an active "Phantasmal Terror" status effect.

Doom Howler Skills

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