Pattern Weaver

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Pattern Weaver
Class CP Requires
Defiler 40 Spellcraft
Shepherd 40 Spellcraft
Sorcerer 40 Spellcraft
  • Character no longer destroys a Spellgem when casting from its last charge.
Pattern Weaver
AP MP HP Duration
3 10 - -
  • User overwrites a Spellgem from inventory with a spell they have learned. The Spellgem's charges are reduced to 0.

This skill allows the character to "overwrite" the pattern of a spell stored within a Spellgem with any other spell known by that character. This ability requires 3 Action Points and 10 Magic Points. Weaving a new pattern into a Spellgem will reduce the charges in the gem to 0.

A character cannot learn a spell from a Spellgem that has 0 charges in it, nor can the Spellgem be overwritten. The gem must first be recharged at least once before it can be overwritten or another character can learn the spell.

Triggering the last spell charge stored in a Spellgem normally destroys the gem, however characters with Pattern Weaver have an innate ability to release the last charge without damaging the gem. A character with Pattern Weaver that uses the last charge of a Spellgem will instead have a Spellgem with 0 charges in it. Characters without Pattern Weaver that use the final charge of a Spellgem will still destroy the gem as normal.

Shepherd Skills

Absolve Suffering || AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Energize || Heal Others || Hand of ZealotryHolier than Thou || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Prayer (free skill) → Devout Supplication || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Sanctify Spell

Sorcerer Skills

AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Heal SelfMystic Vigor || Sorcerer's Might || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Spellcraft (free skill) → Deep Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver

Defiler Skills

AlchemyAlchemical Transmutation || Dark Heart || Soul Vampire || Life Vampire || Desecration (free skill) || Poison || Spell CombatBattle Magic || Spellcraft |→ Pattern Weaver |→ Taint Spell