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Tier: 2
Morality: Evil
Entrance: Mortal


The Pariah is, in the most simple terms, a corrupted soul. In more elaborate terms, a Pariah is a soul who has allowed itself to become consumed by hatred, and have had their soul twisted and warped as a result. When a soul becomes twisted enough, it becomes a creature as deformed on the outside as it is on the inside. The perversion of the body seeps all the way to their blood; a wounded Pariah is forced to seek their own means of tending to themselves (such is the life of an outcast). However, these discarded souls frequently band together, united against those who shun them. Unlike the Defiler, a Pariah will seek to turn their curse into a strength, drawing power from a combination of their deformities and lust for vengeance.

Being a demon, a Pariah cannot accept external healing. They are able to heal themselves, however.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Blood Claws Innate H2H weapon (6 Unholy). - 20 - -
Blood Taste Passive. Successful H2H and Melee attacks (especially those made with Blood Claws) heal some HP (up to 4). Blood Claws 40 - -
Combat Mastery Passive. Increases accuracy of non-spell attacks by 5%. - 20 - -
Enervate Charged Attack. Inflicts Enervated status effect on target. - - +0 +5
Destructive Blow Charged Attack. Always decays target armor and does tripled damage to wards and fortifications. Enervate 40 +0 +6
Explosive Murder Area of Effect Attack. User dies on activation. Deals damage up to user's level to each target, for a maximum of 10 * user's level damage (50% Fire, 50% Unholy). Passive. May explode automatically when killed, dealing damage as described above. Enervate 40 1 8
Hellfire Charged Attack. Increases damage by 8, and changes damage type to Unholy. Enervate 40 +0 +10
Rend Flesh Passive. Gives a damage boost (3 max) against Enervated target with low HP. Enervate 40 - -
Strong Attack Passive. Increases damage of non-spell attacks by 1. - 20 - -