Open Wormhole

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Open Wormhole
Class CP Requires
Conduit 90 Portal Cleaving
Open Wormhole
AP MP HP Duration
10 20 - 15 minutes
  • May open a Wormhole to an existing Nexal Mark at any location.
  • Anyone may use the temporary portal for 1 AP and 10 MP, appearing outside.
Nexal Mark
AP MP HP Duration
1 5 - -
  • Cost of setting a Nexal Mark reduced.
Cleave Portal
AP MP HP Duration
3 12 - 15 minutes
  • Cost of Cleaving a portal reduced.
Warning Upsetp.gif This feature has a minor bug associated with it.
The portal can't be used if you have collapsed your portal pane. You should find a normal (i.e. non-wormhole) portal, maximize the portal pane, and return to the wormhole. Note: This bug is only present in the NexusNuke theme.

The Conduit gains the ability to "Open a Wormhole" to one of the Conduit's Nexal Marks for 15 minutes at a cost of 10 AP and 20 MP. This creates a temporary one-way portal in the Conduit's location that leads to the Nexal Mark, destroying the Nexal Mark in the process. The cost to use the wormhole-induced portal is 1 AP and 10 MP. The wormhole always causes characters to appear outside. In addition:

  • The cost to set a "Nexal Mark" is reduced to 1 AP and 5 MP.
  • The cost to Cleave a portal is reduced to 3 AP and 12 MP.
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