Oblivion Squadron

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Oblivion Squadron

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Link: Oblivion Squadron
Leaders: AbijahDoty
The occasional shadow
Alignment: Evil
Policy: Closed
Level: 5
Membership: 7
Focus: Shaking the Nexus

You know that sweet, sick, feeling you get when you rush into the void? That euphoric ecstasy of nothingness when your body decays and your soul is almost falling apart? You can feel it, can't you? So close to the wonderful end of it all.

And then the Elder Powers have to stick their fucking noses into it, pull you back down to Valhalla and make you keep fighting. We're toys on strings for them. There's no way out until one of them wins. No glorious death or wonderful silence until one of those cocksuckers can claim he's number one.

So, how do we get out of this? We make sure one of them wins, and fast. We don't care who. We only ally with evil because it's a quicker way out. The more we kill the closer we get, and once there's nothing left then we'll win. The angels and their codes, the humans and their false emotions, the demons and their joy, it will all mean nothing.

So sharpen your claws. Every hunt could be the last.

About Us

We're an Evil faction. We're open. Join up if you like smacking people around.

We follow and enforce the game rules with an iron fist. Read them here: Big Scary Rules Alt and Zergs


We have an irc channel. It is here

We also have a forum. That one's here

Breath 3.5 Campaign

Oblivion and Laurentia (circa 2015)

After the end of first breath, when the Elder Powers decided to roam Valhalla and the Squadron imploded itself delivering oblivion to each other; the Squadron hibernated for a long time thinking that with just enough apathy, with just enough disinterested participation, the eternal struggle in the Nexus could finally end.

But alas! Unbeknownst to even the specially (un)favored, the Powers only grew ever more capricious, their invisible, omnipotent tendrils pulling in yet more souls from the invisible greater fabric of creation.

Three breaths passed. Three universes were born and then sucked back into the cold embrace of the void.

The birth of yet another new world was an affront to Oblivion itself and the void could no longer tolerate its unimpeded existence. The Squadron was needed once more.

With the old Squadron Command missing in action, two rank and file Squadron soldiers took up the mantle to once more usher in the Age of Nihilism. The two, Tadpole and Warbandit (now Warchaser), scoured all of creation seeking the remnants of the Squadron and to rebuild their former empire. Their journey found them Fenris, Shade (now Kael), The Occasional Shadow, and Shadowbrood who formed the first iteration of Strike Team Alpha, the very first Squadron raid team to set foot on Laurentian soil.

The enemies of the Squadron were brutal, capitalizing on the rebuilding phase to strike us before we reached optimal strength. Yet Oblivion never falters; we wore each attack stoically, murdering in revenge where we could and swearing retribution for those out of our grip.

Over time, the Squadron swelled in ranks. Former Squadron members heard the call of Oblivion once again and new initiates rose through the ranks to become some of the Squadron's most exemplar members.

Eventually, Oblivion Squadron reclaimed its position on the Nexal throne. Looking down on the rest of creation, the Oblivion war machine marches onwards inexhaustibly, reducing everything to ash and powered by the broken corpses of their enemies in it's search for permanent death.

Because entropy will always win in the end.

Coast to Coast Murder Fest

[2015-11-05: The First Oblivion Double target Raid] a mechanic opens the wormhole to Sunset, delivering doom to the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Moments later, another wormhole opens to Cimmeria. The OS team steps through to confront the Ragged Philanthropists, leaving behind the desecrated stronghold and charred corpses of the Resistance. Both defenders attempted to hold out but fell with ease in a flurry of claws, blades and gunfire. This marked the start of the practice of double raiding which became the norm.

Burning of Sunset

[2015-11-26: The Whole Sunset Neighborhood as a target] Oblivion marches to Sunset, the neighborhood they first lived in, to thank them for the old memories and to remind them how frightening the sounds of the Oblivion war drum can be when it gets closer and closer to you with every passing second.

Ivory Tower of Entropy

[2016-01-28] Oyuki, Monognathus, and Jhonny Blaze raided the faction holding the Ivory Tower in hostage (A bunch of Jedi) Freeing from the grasp of few people trying to monopolize it for themselves.

[2016-01-29] Warchaser revoked the protection of the Stronghold to usher in something dire.

[2016-01-30] Oblivion Squadron has successfully and officially taken a hold of the Ivory Tower in Elysium.

Nexus War History

The Lockson Era (circa 2006)

At the start of the Nexus War Oblivion Squadron was the largest and most feared faction in the Nexus. No faction was safe and so the unthinkable happened: they all banded together. Good, Neutral and Evil coming together under one banner (no matter how unlikely and plain silly the idea would normally be) with one mission: destroying us.

Uprooted from our old home at Lockson we regrouped in Purgatorio with one mission in mind: becoming a lean, mean, evil machine. After a period in the wilderness eating locusts and having dramatic and firey visions we returned, smaller but stronger.

Emerson (circa 2007)

Emerson Steel became the new Epicentre of Evil with waves of wild and untamed destruction spreading out to engulf our foes. Putting past enmities aside we agreed to join the The Shining Ones and the Pirates of R'lyeh to form the largest alliance in the game. All the better to bring Hell down upon all our foes: everyone who won't fight with us.

War with Harmanz! (circa 2007)

The RRF decided they were bored and wanted to die a lot, so they started a war with us.

Despite their being unconquered and all other factions living in fear of them, we accepted the challenge and after a long bloody war we were the first faction to take their standard.

Once we had shown that it as doable, other factions decided to have a go, and with OS always at the front we smashed them again and again. Until they begged for mercy. Despite being outnumbered by more than a hundred, we threw ourselves into the war and finally proved that not only were they not as strong as they thought, but that beating them was all rather easy and boring.

Killing the Dragon

Oblivion Squadron had the largest contingent of any faction involved in the first ever slaying of Elder Fire Tongue.

With the planning of Magi Anonymous, and the hosting of The Dark Oppressor's Guild, and a handful of warriors from other factions, the mighty beast was slain. While people may bicker about who did the most, or who should get all the credit, nobody will deny that it could not have been without the forty-some soldiers of Oblivion who laid waste to the magnificent beast.

The Foghaven Years

Oblivion grew bored with the ways of Valhalla, looked up towards Purgatory and looked with lust upon a clocktower held by some non-descript angel faction who had laid claim to the little slice of paradise named Foghaven. Oblivion then slaughtered the angels, accepted the fealty of all non-goods in Foghaven who grovelled at Oblivion's feet and settled in to rule the best real estate in Purgatory.