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Nexus War was a free, persistent online browser-based game that ran from May 2006 to October 2009 and was the predecessor to - and inspiration for - Nexus Clash. Created by Brandon 'Jorm' Harris, Nexus War introduced the setting, play style, and lore of the Nexus, and is a source of many fond memories for veterans of the game. Jorm was unable to continue developing the game and closed it down in a grand, epic finale in late 2009, after which former support developer BobGeneric (with Jorm's blessing) set up Nexus Clash to continue the story of the Nexus.

Planes visited in Nexus War included Saint Germaine (Valhalla), Paradise, Stygia, Purgatorio, the Nimbus above Paradise, the Stygian Warrens, and Nifleheim.

The play style of Nexus War closely resembles that of Nexus Clash, with some differences in interface. Some key mechanics differences between Nexus War and Nexus Clash include:

  • Nexus War portrayed a single Breath of the cycle, whereas Nexus Clash portrays multiple Breaths.
  • Players in Nexus War could align themselves permanently to the Elder Powers via more in-depth Cults with a greater range of benefits, whereas Nexus Clash players have access to less complex Guilds requiring less commitment.
  • Enchanting was less widely available and potent in Nexus War than in Nexus Clash; however Nexus War players had access to a wider range of innately Magical items that required no enchantment.
  • Area of Effect attacks were more widely deployed than Pets as an offensive strategy in Nexus War, whereas the reverse is usually true in Nexus Clash.
  • Alchemy in Nexus War had fixed (not randomized) recipes and took greater resources to master.
  • Nexus War contained the Elementalist as a playable class, which is presently not obtainable in Nexus Clash. Classes in Nexus Clash that were not obtainable in Nexus War are the Divine Herald, Archon, Conduit, Doom Howler, Corruptor, Fallen and Redeemed.