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Welcome to Nexus Clash, a persistent browser based game!

So you've created a new Character and found a Nexus Guidebook in your inventory - or more likely you want to know what's in the guidebook without actually creating a new character. If you're looking for a guide for new players, it'd probably be best if you went to the New Player Guide or Sac’s Guide to Not Regretting Your Life Choices. If you're not sure what the Nexus Guidebook is, it's a 0 weight item that costs 0 AP to use and grants a handy piece of advice that might not be immediately obvious to new players. If you think there's something missing that they should know there probably is! Either bring it up on the Nexus Clash Discord or the forums.

Currently added texts

  • Don't worry if you die. Death happens to everyone in the Nexus. It's easy to respawn and get back in the game - especially at low levels.
  • You regain an Action Point every 15 minutes, a period of time that is usually called the "tick".
  • Pets are summoned beings that will fight for their master, even when their master is not logged in. Before attacking a summoner, make sure you are also able to defeat their pets.
  • Try searching resource points such as libraries, factories or gun stores (depending on what you are looking for). Houses, apartments and office buildings are not very good places to look for supplies.
  • Finding books in libraries is a quick and easy way to gain levels early in the game.
  • Joining a faction will connect you with teammates who can help you level, find supplies and raid. You are free to join a different faction at any time.
  • Lost? The Hypermap at the top of the page can help you navigate the Nexus world.
  • If you have multiple characters, they should live separate lives and not help each other.
  • You should focus on mastering only one style of combat. Learning more than one combat skill tree is usually a poor use of Character Points.
  • Some characters have skills or items that let them "soak" or reduce damage. If your attacks are doing very little damage to someone because of armor, try attacking with a different damage type - or find a different target.
  • It is a good idea to plan your character skill and class choices ahead of time.
  • If you have questions or comments about the game, click the Chat button above to join our Discord server. Nexus Clash has an active and helpful player community.
  • Every class is good at different things. Nexus Clash is a game of character choices and becoming good at something means giving up on other paths.
  • When searching for enemies to attack, try hunting at night. You will be able to see the shadows of people moving inside lit buildings.
  • Some damage types can only be used by certain classes. For instance, Holy weapons will only allow an Angel to use them and will injure anyone else who tries.
  • Searching in some locations can net you Exploration Badges that tell stories and grant one Character Point per location. You can find clues about their locations in books, newspapers and tile descriptions - or just use the Hypermap for spoilers.
  • Respawn costs are half of your level, so respawning is cheap and easy at low levels.
  • Sense Magic will help you identify magic potions, portals and items. As you level you will use these things more and more, so it is a good skill to pick up.
  • Sense Morality is usually only useful to learn if you plan to maintain Good morality, for instance to become an Angel.
  • Demons cannot be healed by other characters, and must learn to heal themselves - often by stealing health from their enemies, but mortal healing skills will work well too.
  • Healing wounded factionmates is an excellent way to gain XP and level up, especially at low levels. If you see SM and a number by their name, they are under the influence of Sorcerers Might and cannot be healed until that many minutes have passed.
  • The Stronghold of your faction is the safest place to keep your character when logged off to avoid being killed. If you do get killed, don't worry - just Respawn and get back in the game.
  • The Outer Planes (Elysium and Stygia) are inherently dangerous and will deal damage to anyone without the Planar Protection skill or potion. Some classes and factions are native to these planes and are safe from the damage.
  • Some Pets are wandering monsters that were not summoned by a player character. Elysium and Stygia have populations of naturally occurring Pets that players can fight.
  • Nexus Clash has an in-depth Wiki with detailed explanations of the game mechanics and lore. If you feel lost, please take a look at the Wiki and ask the community via the Chat button.
  • The Nexus world is full of Potions that can make you stronger, provide resistance from harm, and unlock many other valuable abilities. Characters with Sense Magic can identify them, and high-leveled characters can learn Alchemy to craft potions.
  • Enchanting can make weapons and armor much more powerful, but enchantments wear off as the item is used and must be renewed eventually. Only certain high-level classes can create enchantments, but characters of any level can use enchanted items. Your faction may be able to help you get enchanted items.
  • Nexus Clash is a game of faction warfare. It is always easier to play as a member of a faction that will support you. If your faction does not interest you, you can always join a different one.
  • Death is only a temporary setback in the Nexus. You can return to life for half your level in Action Points.