Nexus Champion

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Nexus Champion
Tier: 3
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Myrmidon



Everything has to it a way that it works. If you understand how something works, you can manipulate it, and bend it to your will. A Nexus Champion has learned the secret to how the energies of the Nexus itself works. They wield subtle magics that alter the Nexus on a fundamental level just a small amount. This causes a cascade of changes as the effect ripples down, and allows the Nexus Champion to do anything from outright altering their location within the Nexus, to transferring luck from themselves to others. A Nexus Champion will mark their body with rune-like tattoos. Each one is a basic component in re-defining what reality is. In simple terms, the Nexus Champion has cracked the design of the Nexus, and have learned how to "hack" it.

Skill Summary

Skill Name Short Description
(Click on skill name to see the full description)
Requirements Cost
Tattoo of Altered Luck Character gains +5% to attack and +1 damage with all attacks - - - -
Tattoo of the Cosmic Gambler Character gains ability to affect factionmates with Altered Luck Status Effect. Nexus Champion gains Cosmic Gambler Status Effect. Tattoo of Altered Luck 60 -1 -7
Tattoo of Balance Character gains damage bonuses the closer morality is to zero - 30 - -
Tattoo of Equilibrium Nexus Champion gains a dodge bonus the closer MO is to 0 Tattoo of Balance 60 - -
Tattoo of Opposition Nexus Champion gains damage bonus based on Morality difference between Champion and victim. - 30 - -
Tattoo of Resistance Character gains an innate armor. - 30 - -
Tattoo of Adaptation Character regenerates 1 Hit Point every Tick. When attacked, character gains Adapted to Status Effect. Tattoo of Resistance 60 - -
Tattoo of Sorcery Character gains +5 MP, the ability to learn spells and cast spells from Spellgems. +30% chance to hit with ranged spells - 30 - -
Arcane Warrior Character gains +20% chance to hit with ranged spells Tattoo of Sorcery 60 - -
Tattoo of Spell Projection Charged attack that overrides damage amount and type of a Thrown Weapons or Archery attack with that of any known spell Tattoo of Sorcery 60 -1 Varies
Tattoo of Soul Character gains +5 MP to cap and 2MP every tick Tattoo of Sorcery 60 - -
Tattoo of Strength Inventory capacity increased by 20 points. +1 damage with Archery and +2 damage with Thrown Weapons. To-hit penalty with Heavy Weapons reduced by 5% and +5HP per AP spent erecting Fortifications -
Tattoo of Eagle Sight +10 to hit with Firearms, ranged Spells, Archery or Thrown Weapons Tattoo of Strength 60
Tattoo of Inner Strength +10 max HP, +5 max MP, only half MP lost from draining and sapping attacks. Can gain Heavy Lifting Status Effect Tattoo of Strength 60 -1 -8
Tattoo of the Origami Tiger Character can summon a Origami Tiger - 30 -1 -15
Tattoo of the Bengal Tiger Origami Tiger is upgraded Tattoo of the Origami Tiger 60 - -
Tattoo of the Wandering Way Character can teleport to a specified spot within 10 tiles on their current plane. - 30 -1 Varies
Tattoo of Leaguestep Character can teleport to a specified spot within 20 tiles on their current plane. Tattoo of the Wandering Way 60 -1 Varies