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Welcome to the Current Events page

Below, you can list any projects you're working on or propose an improvement to the wiki you'd like to see done. By posting such a project on this page, you make an open invitation to all wiki editors to help with the efforts.

When you're done with a header, please move that header to the Archive

This is a community discussion page. Please sign your comments

As of the point of this writing (May 2020), the content on the Nexus Clash wiki is considered substantially complete to the content of Breath 4. The following headers should be considered ongoing events:

Talk about your faction!

We've had some great new factions form in recent years, but the List of Factions is still missing pages for lots of them! I go through from time to time (once or twice a year) and update the Active Factions list, but if it's not a faction I'm in I can't make more than a placeholder with its facts and in-game description, and so many factions deserve more! If no one in your faction is an active wiki editor and you don't want to create a wiki account just for this, toss me what you've written on the forum and I can add it and make sure you get proper credit! -Kandarin 00:52, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

Tell us about yourself!

Made a character? Got a story? Use your user talk page to tell the Nexus about it! -Kandarin 00:52, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

Join the wiki!

The Nexus wiki isn't just for devs - it's a part of the Nexus community and any active member of that community is free to join up. Unfortunately the threat of spambots mean we have to set up accounts for people manually. Forum PM or Discord PM a dev and we can get your account set up. -Kandarin 00:52, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

Tell us if something is missing!

We try to keep the wiki current to reflect changes to the game and include any content players may need. If something seems to be missing, let us know here or on the forum or Discord - or join the wiki and add it! -Kandarin 00:52, 30 May 2020 (UTC)