Mystic Vigor

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Mystic Vigor
Class CP Requires
Sorcerer 40 Heal Self
Mystic Vigor
AP MP HP Duration
1 6 - -
  • User gains 2 AP (Net gain of 1AP). Cannot go over maximum.

With an activation cost of 1 Action Point and 6 Magic Points, the character can use Mystic Vigor to regain the 1AP cost and gain 1 additional AP. The character must have at least 1 AP to use the skill (and therefore it cannot be used if the character is currently at 0 AP), and the character cannot go over their maximum allowed Action Point limit.

For example, a character with Mystic Vigor has 53 out of 55 Action Points. With one use of this skill they will go up to 54 out of 55 Action Points. Using the skill again the character will have 55 out of 55 Action Points. Mystic Vigor cannot be used a third time, because doing so would increase the character's AP total to above their allowed maximum. The MP cost of using this skill cannot be discounted via skills or guild bonuses.

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