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Tier: 2
Morality: Unrestricted
Entrance: Mortal

A Myrmidon is one who has turned their focus on the art of combat. They are skilled warriors who have sought power from within themselves. Like the Sorcerer, they have gained power from themselves, and do not sacrifice their free will in the process.

Being a Transcended mortal, a Myrmidon is not limited to any particular Morality. They can be Good, Evil, or Neutral at any time and will never lose their powers because of changes in their Morality.


Skill Name Short Description
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Requirements Cost
Combat Mastery This skill grants an additional +5% to hit when attacking. Offensive Spells do not gain any bonus from this skill. 20 - -
Critical Hit The character gains a flat 5% chance to inflict a critical hit on a target with every attack. A critical hit multiplies the damage dealt by the attack by 1.5 times (rounded down) Free - -
Improved Critical This skill passively doubles the Myrmidon's chance to get a Critical Hit to 10%. Critical Hit 40 - -
Focused Attack This is a Charged Attack, costing no additional Action Points but 8 more Magic Points compared to an uncharged attack. A successful hit deals +6 points of damage and changes the damage type to Arcane. Critical Hit 40 +0 +8
Meditation This skill grants the character the ability to heal themselves for 5 Hit Points of damage. It will also cure poison. Meditation costs 5 Magic Points and 1 Action Point per use. 20 1 5
Enhanced Senses The character automatically detects any characters hiding in the current location. This ability is always active, and does not cost any Action Points or Magic Points. Meditation 40 - -
Strong Attack This skill gives the character a permanent 1 point damage bonus on all non-spell attacks. 20 - -
Weapon Breaker Weapon Breaker costs 1 Action Point and 10 Magic Points to use. When activated, the character gains the Weapon Breaker Status Effect for 10 Status Actions (does not stack).While under the Weapon Breaker Status Effect the character gains a base 20% chance to damage, upon a successful hit, any non- innate weapon that the target is carrying. Strong Attack 40 1 10
Super Reflexes The skill grants a +5% defensive bonus towards all attacks made against the character. 20 - -