Masquerade of Deception

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Masquerade of Deception
Class CP Requires
Fallen 60 Charade of Redemption
  • While under Charade of Redemption causes a Morality shift to characters attacking the Fallen as if he were Neutral.
  • While under Charade of Redemption, the Fallen may accept external healing at the cost of 5 Status Ticks.

While character is under the effect of Charade of Redemption, attacks made against the Fallen are made as though the Fallen was of Neutral alignment. In addition, the Fallen may accept external healing; however, doing so causes the duration of the Charade to be reduced by 5 Status Ticks.

Fallen Skills

Abiding HateSadistic Glee || Charade of Redemption (free skill) → Dark Trick |→ Masquerade of Deception || Hellfire || Infernal Jets || Oath of SteelBond of the Mechanical || Plague of Doubt || Shadowskulk |→ Shadow Meld |→ Shadow Dirk