Mask of the Penitent

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Mask of the Penitent
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 0 None
Mask of the Penitent
AP MP HP Duration
1 - - 30 status ticks
  • Costs 7 Morality to activate
  • Gain 1 MO every time they are damaged by an attack.
  • +Soak vs All equal to MO/10, rounded down.
  • Cannot gain Defiler Poison, Curse of Blood or Agony Curse status effects, but aren't cured.
  • -5 damage penalty, -10% accuracy penalty.
  • Can choose to end the status effect early at no cost.

At a cost of 1 AP and 7 MO, a Redeemed covers their blighted face as penance. Activating this skill gives 30 Status Ticks of the Mask of the Penitent Status Effect. While under its effects, the character:

  • Gains a Soak bonus (to all damage types) equal to their morality score divided by 10 (rounded down)
  • Gains +1 Morality point for every attack that successfully deals damage to the Redeemed
  • Cannot be inflicted with Agony Curse, Curse of Blood, or Defiler Poison but existing instances are not cured
  • Suffers a -10% penalty to Accuracy
  • Suffers a -5 penalty to attack Damage

The Redeemed can shed the mask at any time at no cost.

A Redeemed gains this skill for free upon selecting the class.

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