Mask of the Martyr

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Mask of the Martyr
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 60 Mask of the Penitent
Mask of the Martyr
AP MP HP Duration
1 - - 30 Status Ticks
  • Demonic characters that attack gain 2 MO, 4 MO if they wound. If the hit kills they'll get 6 MO instead.
  • Non-Demonic characters that attack suffer Unsoakable damage equal to the MO shift caused by the attack.
  • The Redeemed can not Attack.
  • The Redeemed loses 1 MP each time they are attacked. This can go below 0.
  • The Redeemed end the status effect early for no cost.

At a cost of 1 AP and 7 MO, a Redeemed demonstrates their willingness to passively accept suffering as an example for The Cause. Activating this skill gives 30 status ticks of "Mask of the Martyr". While under that status effect, a character:

  • Is unable to make any attacks (this includes characters, pets, wards and doors)
  • Loses 1 MP each time they are attacked (it is possible to go into negative MP with this ability)
  • Any demon who attacks and misses the character under the influence of Mask of the Martyr gains +2 morality points, hitting gives an additional +2 points, and scoring a killing blow causes an increase of yet another +2 points (this replaces the normal morality shift for the attack)
  • Any non-demon who attacks a character under the influence of Mask of the Martyr suffers unsoakable damage equal to the morality shift caused by the attack.

The Redeemed can shed the mask at any time.

Redeemed Skills

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