Mask of Vengeance

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Mask of Vengeance
Class CP Requires
Redeemed 30 None
Mask of Vengeance
AP MP HP Duration
1 - - 30 Status Ticks
  • Characters affected by Mask of Vengeance gain a +2 bonus to Martial, Archery and Thrown attack damage.
  • Costs 7 Morality
  • Characters affected by Mask of Vengeance suffer *2 MO shift when attacking non-Evil Characters.
  • Characters affected by Mask of Vengeance have the option to end the status effect at no cost.

At a cost of 1 AP and 7 MO, a Redeemed directs their vengeance on those who continue to follow the dark path. Activating this skill gives 30 Status Ticks of "Mask of Vengeance". While under its effects:

  • the character gains a +2 damage bonus to all Hand-to-Hand, Bow, and Thrown Weapons attacks
  • attacks made against non-evil characters will shift the Redeemed character's Morality by twice the normal amount

The Redeemed can shed the mask at any time.

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