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The Elder Power commonly known as Marquai, or Marquai the Constructor, holds a portfolio that contemplates time and ordering of the physical world to suit one’s proximate needs (i.e., crafting).


He is nearly always depicted as a simple tradesman. Though his portfolio is not one of violence, Marquai is said to be a keen warrior.

The cult language of Marquai is called Urquan and is both a vocal and a somatic language. Nouns are expressed with spoken words (typically with heavy consonants), while actions and verbs are expressed using hand gestures. The written form of Urquan utilizes Rashallan glyphs.

Marquai's symbol is a simple, strong glyph that represents the ideal of "solid connection". It is possibly descendant from the glyph for "wall" (ukta, though to some Marquai cultists this glyph means "Sky") in the ancient glyph language of Rashallan.


If Goros is the Elder Power that creates the “laws of the Universe writ large” then Marquai is the Elder Power of “choosing to harness those laws to get some utility out of them.” Where Goros seeks “universal order” for the sake of its own beauty and elegance, Marquai instead seeks “localized order” that serves the needs of sentients. This includes a mechanism for changing the proximate needs so that more new things can be created and to allow for periods self-reflection to admire one’s cleverness (this invention of Marquai’s is what we mortals call “time”).

It is perhaps because Marquai’s purpose in creating “time” was to create a way of differentiating one set of circumstances from another that mortals tend to have a skewed perception of time and tend to see things as a “sequence of events” without much sense of “how much time – as counted by mechanical devices – elapses during or between those events.”

Marquai is a relentless tinkerer in both the physical and the magical realm. Marquai is very interested in the mortal experience, as it provides endless situations whereby the local universe must be shaped and bent to the needs of the mortal, and he is especially pleased when a mortal comes up with a new and ingenious way to shape the universe to its needs, whether that be in the creation of a physical tool or a magical spell. Since there are situations where violence against others is called for in order to shape the local area to one's desires, Marquai is generally seen as an excellent warrior - physical subjugation is just one more tool in the toolbox. He is less interested with “why” the mortal might want to re-shape the piece of universe he’s in and more concerned with “how” the mortal is going to do it.

Marquai involves himself in the affairs of mortals from time to time, though he creates problems in the path of ingenious mortals (in order to see what they do with the situation) just as often as he applies his own ingenuity to a problem a mortal might be facing. He loves to “get his hands dirty” trying new things and any time you see something “new under the sun” it’s a good bet that it’s caught Marquai’s eye, too, and he’s been by – usually in disguise – to take a look.

Marquai is the ascendant power in the current Breath and is currently shaping the creation of the next world. It is unknown what form the Valhalla will take when that world comes to an end and the cycle begins again.

Within the Nexus, the plane of Purgatorio is mostly the result of Marquai gathering and collecting old vestiges of past worlds and knitting them together, though the other Unaligned Powers and other forces within the Nexus often make their own mark on matter that has been brought there. In the present Breath, the region of Absolution has been wrenched from Elysium in the name of Marquai, though it is unclear if he has done so directly or whether it was done by intermediaries working on his behalf.


It pleases Marquai when people achieve new discoveries and greater purpose through their own efforts, though he practically can't help himself in giving certain people nudges and guidance down paths to higher power, though as mentioned above he can be a perilous and frustrating "mentor" at times. The Eternal Soldier and Wizard are the most prominent such paths to self-actualization in the Nexus, though others have existed in the past and, perhaps, could come into existence in the future.